<span class="dachzeile">Carbon monoxide detector<span>: </span></span>security aboard

Carbon monoxide detector Kidde Modell: X10

A sad case that could have been easily prevented by using the adequate measures: A 57-year-old man died on a charter boat in Dalmatia, five other passengers had to be taken to hospital in Split-Firule, some of them showing life threatening signs of toxicity and they had to be treated in the intensive care unit. It is particularly unfortunate that, in the first place, the people involved blamed spoiled mussels and shellfish they had eaten before in a restaurant in Hvar. Had there been a carbon monoxide detector on board, available for less than 50 Euros, just simple ventilation and a night on deck would have been sufficient.

<span class="dachzeile">Climate change or just “weather”?<span> </span></span>German Weather Service declares high flood on the Adriatic Sea

Italy - Lignano High Water Bridge

Venice has experienced what is considered the worst flooding in 50 years, on the Adriatic coast in northern Italy the marinas in Lignano report ”land submerged‟ and even in Croatia it must be recognised that the water level is clearly above ”normal‟ which means 30 to 50 centimetres more than normal. Are they indeed suffering the consequences of the climate change the media are currently puzzling over, or is it just a rarely occurring weather situation? SeaHelp wanted to look more closely into this and got in touch with the DWD, the German Weather Service, a Hamburg-based institution monitoring the weather all over Europe.