The Sea-Help App for free

Your practical companion on Board.
The Sea-Help Application is offering the request for prompt
professional assistance in a breakdown or distress situations.
The Sea-Help Application for Apple and Android devices has evolved to an indispensable tool for skippers in the last years.

Description of the functions:

Enclosed the app features will be shown to you. Just click to a theme and learn more:
Installation and initial operation

Locate the SeaHelp application in the Appstore.

After downloading, you can open the application.

In order to avoid wasting time on a help request, it makes sense to allow to access your location directly upon first use of the APP.

By allowing push messages, you will receive the weather alerts and important information about boating.

Input of user data

Tapping on the 3 horizontal bars opens the menu.

Under the menu item “become a member”, you can register your existing membership or complete a membership.

After clicking “Join” you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number.

As soon as you have requested the password, you will receive it by SMS to the specified number.

Please enter the password you have recieved in the now displayed mask

After entering the password, you will be asked to enter your name.

In the following step please enter your address.

In the next step please choose your country.

In the last step, please enter your email address. This is very important for the registration or payment.

Follow-up step for an existing membership

If you have an existing membership, please enter your SeaHelp member ID in this step.

If you do not already have a membership, tap Done.

Follow-up step for acquiring a membership

To register for membership, please switch to the tab “Memberships”.

By tapping on “Purchase new membership”, you can sign up for a membership.


SOS Help

“SOS Help” is also the start page.

By sliding the “SOS” button from left to right you start contacting SeaHelp.

After sliding the button, your information will be put into a text message.

Once you tap Send, this information is sent to SeaHelp.



In the section “News”, you can retrieve the latest news from the SeaMagazine.



In the section “Notifications“ you will find a list of the last sent push messages.

GPS gauge


The speed can be displayed by tapping in knots, km / h or mph.

By tapping the coordinates, they can be sent to friends.

Here you can select the desired shipping option for the coordinates.



In the section “Compass” you will see the compass direction, the pressure in mbar and the altitude.

Gas stations

Gas stations

In the “Nearby” tab, you will see petrol stations ranked by the shortest distance.

In the “Map” tab, petrol stations are displayed on a map.

The colors green (= open) and red (= closed) already show on the map whether the gas station has opened.



In the “Forecast” tab, the current weather report is displayed.

In the “Nautical” tab, the current sea weather report is displayed.

In the “Wind” tab, the current wind forecast is displayed.



In the “Tides” section, you can get the latest tidal information.

Info Chart

Info Chart

In the area “Info Chart”, you will see ports, hospitals and many other facilities on a map

User Info

User Info

In the “User Info” tab, the entered personal data is displayed.

In the tab “Membership”, the memberships will be displayed and allow you to buy further memberships or to renew expired ones.

Important settings


To be sure that everything will work you should check the settings in advance. Just open the phone’s settings.

Please search for the SeaHelp app in Settings and open it.

Here you can now choose between the respective app settings.


Under the item “Location” should necessarily be checked “While using the app”, so that in the case of need the coordinates in the SOS message are displayed.


Under the item “Notifications” you can make the desired settings. (push notifications). If you want to receive weather alerts, information & news you must allow notifications. Once you have allowed it you can still set how you will see them and whether you should be informed with a sound.


The mobile data allow you to view features such as weather reports, maps and news if you do not have Wi-Fi. Please keep in mind that there may apply roaming charges.

For SOS no mobile data is necessary!


Under the item “SeaHelp area” you can choose if you want to see the information of the SeaHelp area nearest to the GPS viewpoint or you can tap the area you want so that the desired information is always visible.

The idea of a quickly and uncomplicated assistance in stress situations has been used a thousand times over the past few years.
It has long been rumored that the Sea-Help boats can be launched with only two clicks on the smartphone.

100% Help
SeaAssistanceService & Yachtinsurance

ADRIATIC SEA ..... 00385 919 112 112
BALEARIC / BALTIC SEA ..... 00800 112 00 112


100% Help / SeaAssistanceService & Yachtinsurance


ADRIATIC SEA..... 00385 919 112 112
BALEARIC- / BALTIC SEA ....... 00800 112 00 112


100% Help / SeaAssistanceService & Yachtinsurance


ADRIATIC SEA ..... 00385 919 112 112
BALEARIC / BALTIC SEA ....... 00800 112 00 112