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Coronavirus: Croatian power ab 23.12.2020 severity: Lockdown!

Lockdown in Croatia from 23.12.2020 with travel ban
The roads in Croatia are likely to remain empty beyond the turn of the year - the inter-county travel ban comes into effect on December 23.

Due to the extremely poor pandemic situation in Croatia – in terms of 14-day incidence, the country has among the highest number of new coronavirus infections in Europe – Croatia will go into almost complete lockdown from December 23.

Travel ban between counties

And complete this time really means complete. There is a travel ban between the individual counties, exemptions are granted according to information from government circles only extremely restrictive, if there are really compelling reasons for it. A multitude of exemption rules as with the lockdown in the spring there will not be this time, it is said.

Corona measures initially until January 8, 2021

In the press conference today, Friday, December 18, there were clear words: the measures will initially be maintained until January 8. Whether they will be extended beyond that date will probably depend on the situation, but above all on the discipline of citizens in implementing the hygiene and distance rules.

Tough lockdown over the turn of the year

Obviously, the government is taking advantage of the largely work-free and school-free period over the turn of the year to push new infections through a hard lockdown with significant restrictions on personal movement without causing much economic damage.

Entry only with PCR test

Already now, only those who can show a negative PCR test, which is not older than 48 hours, are allowed to enter the country. Those who cannot show this must have a corresponding test carried out in Croatia and go into quarantine until the negative result is received.

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