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Parts of Croatia not affected by the German “Lockdown light

Parts of Croatia not affected by the lockdown in Germany
Until now, free travel was valid for the Croatian-Slovenian borders. At the Austrian-German border, however, there will probably be more checks on entry.

According to initial information, Germany plans to introduce a digital travel declaration as part of the measures (Lockdown light) adopted on 28.10.2020 to further control new coronavirus infections, in order to enable the competent authorities to review quarantine orders after a stay in a risk area.

Lockdown light: Croatia not affected

Quarantine compensation will also no longer be paid if the traveler has undertaken an avoidable trip to a risk area designated at least 48 hours before the start of the trip, as the German government writes on its website. According to current knowledge, trips to the Croatian coastal regions, which are not currently affected by the German travel warning, are excluded from the measures, as the restrictions expressly only refer to trips to risk areas. And Istria, Sibenik Knin and Zadar do not rank at present among these risk areas.

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