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Croatia: Snow up to the coast

Weather Croatia: Snow predicted for the coast
Snow-covered yachts in Croatian marinas - a picture with rarity value. Next weekend there could be another short winter intermezzo with snowfall up to the coastal regions.

Winter has Croatia firmly in its grip this week, the weather forecast reports: Toward the end of the week, it will get significantly colder, especially at night and in the morning hours. Over the weekend, temperatures could drop to -15 degrees in parts of Gorski Kotar! In the lowlands of central Croatia, temperatures are expected to range from minus seven to minus nine degrees.

Minus temperatures also in the coastal region

Winter is also making a brief flying visit to the coastal areas, with temperatures expected to drop to minus four degrees in the Rijeka region, and to minus two degrees in Split, while it is expected to be much colder in the hinterland, possibly as low as minus nine degrees in the Imotski and Gračac regions.

Snow possible as far as the coast

Whether snow will also fall in the coastal regions of Croatia, the weather forecasters did not want to commit to at this time. In any case, however, the Croatian weather service warns of an impending cold snap.

From Thursday Bora in Croatia

This could begin as early as Thursday, when the bora sets in and transports cold air to the coastal regions. Strong gusts are expected in the north and northwest.

HAK warns of slippery snow and ice

The HAK also warns of slippery snow and ice on Croatia’s roads this week and recommends appropriate winter equipment for highways and expressways.

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