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Another strong earthquake in Petrinja, Croatia: Injured and dead mourned

Earthquake Croatia: Petrinja region of magnitude 6.4
Even in Styria, it was still possible to detect the earth tremors of the quake, which was responsible for considerable personal injury and property damage in the town of Petrinja. Further aftershocks are not excluded.

In Petrinja, Croatia, the earth shook today (29/12/2020) at 12:20 h again, effects were felt throughout Croatia. In a recent earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, whose epicenter was near Petrinja, it was said to Croatian media reports there was significant personal injury and property damage. The mayor of Petrinja, Darinko Dumbovic stated that half of the city was destroyed and asked for urgent help.

Many houses destroyed

According to initial information, at least one fatality is reported, how many injured can not be determined at this time, because the cleanup has just begun. First pictures from the earthquake area show many destroyed houses in Petrinja and surroundings.

Thirty times worse than March quake in Zagreb

A seismologist confirmed the recent earthquake was 30 times worse than the March quake that caused significant damage in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. Even Zagreb is currently feeling the effects of the quake. Parts of Croatia’s capital are currently without power, traffic has reportedly broken down, and police are urging citizens to use their own vehicles only for urgent reasons.

Nuclear power plant Krško (Slovenia) shut down

As a precautionary measure, Slovenia shut down the Krško nuclear power plant, built in 1970. According to the operator consortium, it should withstand quakes up to a magnitude of 7.9 (Richter scale). However, the process is normal in such cases, it added.

Effects as far as coastal regions

Effects of the quake were felt at least as far as Tribunj, because at the time of the earthquakes the SeaHelp editorial staff was on the phone with an employee of the Tribunj marina to find out about the situation after last night’s strong jugo.

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