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Problem solved: Flash boat gas station in Krk area reopened

Flash boat fuel station on the island of Krk in Croatia reopened
Back in operation: the Flash boat gas station on the island of Krk. Here SeaHelp members receive 0.15 kuna discount per liter of gasoline.

The tank problem in the area of the island Krk seems to be solved! From 17.11.2020 the Flash boat gas station has resumed its operation at its usual place. However, the INA filling station in Krk is still closed.

Winter: Tank always full to the brim

For the many skippers, whose ships are based in the area of the island of Krk, the news should be welcome, because for wintering the tank should be full to the brim to prevent moisture from the air entering the fuel or diesel tank via the tank ventilation system, which then condenses on the tank walls and settles on the tank bottom.

Diesel: Avoiding diesel plague

Particularly in boats that are operated with diesel generators, this leads to a higher water content in the fuel with simultaneously reduced lubricity and ultimately even to the dreaded diesel plague, if not appropriately added.

Gasoline: Avoid corrosion in the fuel system

In gasoline, water ingress can lead to spot corrosion in the fuel system and cause the failure of such important components as the tank or fuel pump.

Discount for SeaHelp members at Flash gas stations and boat gas stations

However, SeaHelp members have double reason to be happy: at Flash gas stations and boat gas stations they are granted a discount of 0.15 kuna if they present their SeaHelp membership card.

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