New corona record in Croatia: 4009 new infections per day – every third test positive

Croatia Corona record: 4009 new infections per day
Also in Croatia this year's Christmas stands for the Corona Pandemic. Restaurants and cafés are to remain closed until Christmas Eve.

The corona situation in Croatia is currently coming to a head: 4009 new corona infections were reported by the Croatian health services within 24 hours on 26 November 2020. This is a worrying figure in itself. The fact that this frightening result is based on only 11,487 tests does not make it any better. Or the other way around: every third person who signed up for the Corona test in Croatia received a positive result.

Restaurants and Cafés close – measures first until Christmas Eve

In view of the drastic increase in new corona infections, the government has probably decided to take tougher measures after all. According to media reports, cafés and restaurants are to remain closed from Friday at midnight. However, a delivery service can be provided. Cinemas and theaters will remain open, fitness centers may be operated under restrictions, it was said.

These measures, which will initially be valid until Christmas Eve, are planned but have not yet been officially confirmed.

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