Record: Slovenia with 2,605 new coronavirus infections – curfews threaten

Coronavirus Slovenia: Curfews threaten
Slovenia with 2,605 new coronavirus infections - curfews threaten

Slovenia registered a record number of 2,605 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, as reported by the Croatian news agency HINA on October 28, 2020. Tomorrow, Thursday, further decisions by the government regarding restrictions on public life are expected. Even though the Slovenian government is not yet talking about Italian-style curfews despite the high level of new coronavirus infections, the first reports in social media in Slovenia are rumored that curfews are to be expected from Saturday onwards. It remains to be seen what the Slovenian government will decide on Thursday. We report.


Constantly updated table of COVID-19 infections in Slovenia

Updated every 30 minutes. By tapping on the legend, values can be shown or hidden. For detailed values move the mouse over the bars. Data source: Johns Hopkins University
Keep up to date with the Corona pandemic. This table of the Johns Hopkins University is intended to provide neutral information about the current epidemiological situation in Slovenia.

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