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Storm in the north of Croatia: Strongest Jugo for five years!

Strongest Jugo for five years in Croatia: Storm Storm in Istria and Kvarner
Strong Jugo led in the last days in the north of Croatia to violent precipitation of up to 99 liters per square meter, as the Croatian weather service Istramet reports. Mainly the region Istrien is to be affected by the Jugo.

“That was probably the strongest Jugo in the last five years,” report the locals from Istria. The Istramet weather station in Labin on Fortica reported onshore winds of up to 131 km/h, in Rovinj, Pula and a part of the town of Cres the floods reached the old towns. Similar conditions were also reported from the Kvarner region.

up to 99 liters of rain per square meter

According to first reports, however, it is said to have particularly affected Istria. Heavy rainfall, with rainfall of up to 99 liters per square meter, caused flooding and blocked roads, and small rivers turned into torrents. The road from Porec to Novigrad could no longer be used near Antenal because of the flood.

Damage by Jugo also in the marinas

The marinas are very busy: many winter tarpaulins are damaged and the marineros have their hands full preventing the damage from spreading. Impressive videos of the storm can be found on the homepage

“Thunderstorms, storm (Jugo), power failures and torrential rain”, this is how the situation is currently described on site. From Wednesday onwards, however, a slight improvement in the high precipitation weather situation should occur and Jugo should die down, as reported by the weather services.

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