Last help, if nothing works:
BRS protects the boat from sinking – special discount till 01.07.2019

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Every boat owner rejects the fact that despite the excellent nautical skills, there is always a small change of the vessel sinking. Slovenian company „BRS boat“ developed a simple, yet effective system for saving vessels for boat owners – buyoancy bags with a capacity of 850 L can inflate quickly with a C02 fire extinguisher...

Seahelp and ACI cooperation:
Become a SeaHelp member on every ACI Marina reception from now on

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Maritime quality in Croatia is defined by three letters: ACI (Adriatic Croatian International Club). Shortcuts from 1983. are founded by the national concern for promoting the network of nautical tourism marinas which became a public company with limited liability. ACI makes almost half of Croatian marinas. Whoever travels the Croatian coast will encounter these marina...

Mallorca / Spain:
Radio stations are under increased supervision

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Spain is careful: Authorities should, SeaHelp was informed by various owners, control prescribed radio stations more. In the past, those kind of actions were quite rare. To avoid unnecessary administrative difficulties: it is needed for vessels under the German SRC (Short Range Certificate) flag, for internal UBI navigation. British skippers are allowed to use the British...

Don’t waste your time:
Experts for tank cleaning are on the Adriatic during Easter

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When it’s about cleaning tanks, microfiltration technology of the Geesthacht firm is now in full swing. After Easter, “Burmesters”, as they are known in the professional circles, are coming back to the Adriatic, cleaning Diesel tanks on vessels and conducting tank inspections. SeaHelp members get 10% discount on jobs done by the techically trained north-German...

New version of the SeaHelp app:
SeaHelp membership card

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[caption id="attachment_15607" align="alignleft" width="350"] You can easily and reliably reach the SeaHelp guide with many useful videos through the SeaHelp app[/caption] SeaHelp app version 4.06, published in early April, becomes a powerful nautical tool, not just for SeaHelp members, but for all skippers. Integrating SeaHelp membership card into the app, members always have their membership card...

SeaHelp Marina Pass for the members of Marina Capo Nord

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Members of Marina Capo Nord can now enjoy all-inclusive additional services: the administration of Marina signed a contract with SeaHelp, leading european sea assistance service, which offers them, except for an attractive berth, a full SeaHelp service in the five mile area of the Marina.  The costs of this extraordinary services are borne by the...

GasCheck is also also possible in 2019
It is expected that the mandatory regulation G108 will be made in Autumn 2019

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SeaHelp GasCheck will continue. Owners whose vessels are situated in Croatia, Slovenia ili north Italy still want to inspect their built-in gas installation in accordance with strict rules G608. These technical rules which apply “for operation and testing of liquefied gas plants on small vessels” in Germany, will be introduced in Austria, too, said Friedrich...

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