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 Sea-Help since 2005

Accidents in which the
Total loss was imminent – 2013

  • Yachts on rocks (29)

  • Yachts with strong water intrusion(17)

  • Total loss was prevented by Sea-help (18)

Accidents in which the
Total loss was imminent – 2014

  • Theft(2)

  • Yachts on rocks (48)

  • Yachts with strong water intrusion (24)

  • Total loss was prevented by Sea-Help (51)

Accidents in which the
Total loss was imminent – 2015

  • Fire on board (1)

  • Theft(1)

  • Yachts on rocks (19)

  • Yachts with strong water intrusion (27)

  • Total loss was prevented by Sea-Help(41)


It requires more than just to compare price and performance to offer our clients the perfect insurance. It is also important to understand and appreciate the different requests  of our boat owners.
We do not only have a wealth of expertise and experience. With us, you can count on personal and competent service, especially in handling of claims.


Therefore trust on Sea-Help Yacht Insurance

Overview and Coverage’s of Lloyds

Insurance subject

Not only the ship with all the accessories also the entire technical equipment including GPS, autopilot, all technical equipment, sails, persening are insured even the binoculars and radio are included. The personal effects are automatically insured up to 2% of the total sum (maximum up to EUR 3.000,-).

All risks cover

For the period of insurance, all risks are covered: theft, fire, force majeure, sinking, grounding, collision and many more. Only the exclusions are not covered.

Fixed value

To purchase an equivalent new vessel we agreed with you a fixed insurance sum, which will be reimbursed at a total loss.

New for Old

In case of a partial damage, the agreed amount will be
paid for the repairing costs on a “new for old” basis.

Salvage- and Wrack removal costs

In case of salvage and/or disposal, costs are covered EUR 1.000.000,- beyond the agreed insurance sum.


The risk of transport on land for boats up to 8,5 meters is insured.

Inspection costs included

You had a light grounding with your ship? The necessary inspection costs, irrespective of whether a damage is detected or not, are insured.

Scratches and damages to paintwork

These damages happen quite easily and are therefore not excluded by us, so you don’t have to bear them.

 Berth fee

We will reimburse your berth fees during the period in which the ship does not occupy the berth due to physical loss or damage.

General all-round protection

Persons and property as well as losses of rental objects are insured too. This applies also to claims of crew members, for example towards the skipper.

Unjustified third-party insurance entitlements

For unjustified damages claims by third parties, the court and legal costs for the legal defense are taken over.

Accident opponent cannot pay?

Your ship has been damaged by a third party but he can not be paid due to insolvency or insufficient insurance. With us you still have insurance protection.

Additional sports equipment

Dinghies and water sports equipment belonging to the vessel are also covered by Insurances.

Water damage

Damage caused, for example, by the contamination of waters, including the ground water are covered.

Premium free occupant accident insurance

Personal accidents and medical expenses for all persons on board are covered free of charge. Please see the conditions for the cover sums.

Important Note!
This is just a cover sheet where we believe it is important for our customers.
Please refer to the general terms and conditions for full insurance coverage information’s.


Calculation including:

  • Third party liberty € 3 Mil. (also € 6,5 Mil. possible)
  • Insurance on hull
  • Accident insurance
  • 11% insurance tax

Price examples (Varies according to boat type)

Model Hull value   Deductible   *Total premium
Sportboat up tp 8m € 25.000 € 500 from € 326
Motorboat € 50.000 € 500 from € 497
Sailingyacht € 70.000 € 500 from € 494
Motoryacht € 100.000 € 700 from € 564
Sailingyacht € 120.000 € 700 from  624
Motoryacht € 150.000 € 1.000 from € 761
Sailingyacht € 170.000 € 1.000 from € 867
Motoryacht € 200.000 € 1.300 from € 984
Sailingyacht € 300.000 € 1.500 from € 1.458
Motoryacht € 350.000 € 1.700 from € 1.665
Sailingyacht € 400.000 € 2.000 from € 1.895
Motoryacht € 550.000 € 2.500 from € 2.418
Sailingyacht € 800.000 € 3.000 from € 3.392
Motoryacht € 1.200.000 € 4.000 from € 4.243

Sen an request for individual offer with your desired insurance on hull & liability sum!

Rely on Sea-Help Yacht insurance!


FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about boat yacht insurance!

What does "all risks cover" mean?

In case of an all risks cover all risks, which are not exprssly excluded according to the insurance conditions, are covered. This means, that the policyholder is not engaged to proof the relevance of the damage due to the insurance coverage., but the insurer has to proof that the damge is not covered (reversal of the burden of proof) by the all risks cover of the insurance.

What does "No deductions new for old" mean?

In many cases new spare parts are installed in course of restoration n order to fix the damage. The installation of new spare parts increases the value of the subject matter of the insurance. “No deductions new for old” means that, a possibly increase of the value of the object insured (difference between present value and new value) is not deducted referring to the compensation for the restoration.

What is the scope of the insurance?

The scope of insurance covers trips, transports and stays within the area specified in the policy on water and on land. In particular, the risk of winter storage in permanent structures is also covered.

How is the value (insurance value) and the condition of the boat determined and by whom?

In the first place, the policyholder (owner) is responsible for the determination of the value of the object insured. For the determination of the value evaluations, photos and other valuations should be used.

What is meant by "reimbursement of costs for wreck removal or/and disposal"?

In case that the object insured sinks the insurer replaces expenses for the recovery of the wreck, as well as the costs for the disposal. For further information please refer to the respective conditions.

When leaving the object insred, does the outboard engine have to be locked against theft?

Yes, there must be appropriate anti-theft device.

Is my outboard engine insured?

Your outboard engine is insured within the comprehensive insurance (all-risks coverage). In that respect, it is important that the value of the outboard engine is added to the sum insured (e.g. value of the boat = EUR 40.000,-; value of the outboard eninge = EUR 12.000,-; total sum insured = EUR 52.000,-).

What is meant by "personal items"?

Personal items are utensils required for the exercise of water sports, such as binoculars, compass, measuring instruments and other nautical equipment, which is not permanently connected to the vehicle.

Is there a no- claims bonus?

There is a no-claims bonus. The highest discount level is  40%.

Is it possible to insure my trailer along with the insurance and for which losses?

You can insure your trailer against theft, fire, lightning, explosion and storm along with the insurance.

General questions about boat insurance

Where is the insurer liable in case of liabilities claims?

The liability cover applies in the same area as the comprehensive cover.

What are the minimum amounts of cover prescribed by law (as constituted on 01.07.2016)?
Italy: EUR 6 million (EUR 5 million for personal injuries and EUR 1 million for property damages)
Spain: EUR 336.568,- (EUR 240.406,- for personal injuries and EUR 96.162 for property damages)
Croatia: 3,5,- million Kuna (ca. EUR 486.000,-)
Greece: EUR 500.000,- for personal injuries and EUR 150.000,- für for environmental damage
What happens if the other party involved cannot pay, because he has no or a liability insurance with an insufficient cover?

Under the liability cover(sum insured under the policy) there is also a debt loss coverage.
If a court-imposed damge compenstion claim can not be realized by exevution, you get compensation by your liablity insurance, as if you were a victim of the accident. This is based on the prerequesite, that the person cousing the damge hat his permanent place of residence in a state of the European Union or Switzerland at the time of the fault.
Damages to the boat, which is mentioned in the policy, are not covered by the debt loss coverage, because these kind of damages can be covered by the comprehensive cover.

Where does the berth of my boat have to be?

The permanent berth / location of the boat in summer and winter has to be in a member state of the EU.

Are there still so -called "blue insurance cards"?

The so- called “blue cards”, also called “certificates”, are no longer printed on blue paper. You will now receive these proofs of insurance on white paper. However, there are no changes in content.

When will the boat insurance cover begin at the earliest?

Insurance cover begins at the day, when all relevant documents have reached the insurer.
Therefore, the application data and documents have to be completely filled.

Is there insurance cover, when other persons use the boat with the authorisation of the policyholder?

The free transfer of the boat to other persons is also covered by the insurance, as long as they have a valid driving license.

Can the boat insurance be temporarily suspended?

Basically, this is not possible. But we may offer a special discount if the boat is only in the port or on land and is not actually used.

In case that the boat is sold, is the boat insurance automatically canceled or does the sale have to be communicated? Which documents have to be submitted?

Basically, there is no automatic notification if the boat is sold. The policyholder must notify the insurer about the sale in writing. Therefore, the policyholder has to send a copy of the purchase contract to the insurer, because the liability insurance applies automatically to the buyer of the boat. The applicable insurance legislation grants a right of termination only to the buyer and the insurer.

How can i cancel the boat insurance and which term of notice must be observed, if i am still the owner of the boat?

The cancellation of the insurance has to be in written form. For the cancellation a notice period of 3 months has to be observed.

How is it possible to receive assistance in case of a damage as quickly as possible?

On our “SeaHelp-Hotline” you get the fastest and best possible assistance in case of breakdown or damage. This service ensures that you receive immediate assistance by the organization, which is also responsible for the claims processing.

The combination of a breakdown service and yacht insurance is reflected in a perfect cost-benefit-ratio and we are passing these benefits directly on to our customers.

SeaHelp stands for competent and swift claim settlement!

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ADRIATIC SEA ..... 00385 919 112 112
BALEARIC / BALTIC SEA ....... 00800 112 00 112