From e-scooters to mobile ECG measuring devices
New benefits partner


SeaHelp benefits partners definitely help you to save money. Those staking their membership skillfully may save so much with our partners that the entire membership premium might even pay back at the end of the year. There might be 60 euros with the eMoovi, 50 euros with the Catch and Lift rescue system, about 20 euros with the stainless steel grill and 26 euros with the ECG measuring device, and these are only the discounts granted to our SeaHelp members by the new benefits partners. Please find the corresponding ordering options and notes on the discount codes exclusively for our members on our SeaHelp homepage at “benefits partners”. By the way: before becoming part of our benefits partner programme, all products were extensively tested by SeaHelp staff. Only those able to overcome this barrier were admitted to the programme.

Voll im Trend:

e-Scooter Moovi for the storage locker

“Moovi” – that’s the name of a new e-scooter with many abilities that others don’t offer or only at a considerably elevated price: range approx. 20 kilometres, maximum speed approx. 20 km/h and weight only 9 kilograms. But all this data like 36-Volt lithium battery, LED front and taillamps, 150 Watt engine, sea-borne computer or recuperation don’t mean a thing to lay people. Their only objective is to drive safely and comfortably. And Moovi is doing exactly what it is supposed to, that is the conclusion of a comprehensive test performed by SeaHelp. Moovi “survives” an entire day at the trade fair with its battery charged once, sparing its driver a good 15 kilometres of walking and even untrained people quickly feel quite safe. When folded up, it is easy to carry along escalators and difficult terrain and it always fit into any boot or any storage locker easily. Despite its favourable price 599 euros, it is not “scrap iron” from China but it can perfectly compete with the bigger and more expensive ones. There will be a 10% discount for SeaHelp members.

Catch and lift rescue system:

The name speaks for itself

Man overboard – on this announcement, a cold shiver runs down the spine of even experienced skippers. But what can you do when there are only two people on board and the person overboard doesn’t have the strength to return on deck by himself? Catch and Lift is the perfect solution, a simple but most efficient rescue system, bringing a person back aboard within three minutes without applying any muscle strength or carrying out any complex modifications. Catch and Lift is working quite simply according to the laws of physics. Simplified: a rope with a kind of “brake parachute” is thrown over board on the one side, on the other side we throw in the other end of the rope together with the rescue device. When the person to be rescued has clasped firmly to the rescue loop, just a little throttle of gas and he will be pulled on board the ship slowly but steadily. SeaHelp considered the device as so effective and target-oriented that it was included into the benefits programme. SeaHelp members will receive an exclusive 50 euros discount when buying the system. The purchase price will be 495 euros.

Tasty food on board:

Grilling me softly…

Opinions are divided about whether you should use charcoal or gas for your barbecue. Nevertheless, on board it was pretty clear: only gas will provide sufficient security, nobody really wanted glowing charcoal on deck. The Swiss company Feuerdesign has launched a principle similar to the legendary lotus grills where the charcoal, safely wrapped up, is glowing slowly within a burning jar, literally fired by a small, hidden ventilator. It can be comfortably recharged at the PC via an USB cable and, at the same time, is regulating the heat. And if you remember to pour about an inch of water into the grill floor, you can enjoy a charcoal barbecue without any danger of a grease fire on board. The square stainless steel grill Teide “feeds” two people perfectly well and, due to its construction, it ensures an even heat distribution. SeaHelp members will receive a 10% discount on the purchase price.

ECG via your mobile phone:

Your health – right from the heart

An ECG via your mobile phone? That will make even your family doctor wonder. What seemed to be unbelievable in the past, is now possible with the help of current technology. The Kardia Mobile ECG by AliveCor holds the FDA approval, a CE certificate and it is considered to be the most comprehensive clinically tested ECG measuring device in the market. Without any probe or cable, it is possible to record an ECG during 30 seconds, store it and have it evaluated via the associated no-cost app. You will instantly know, if the heart beat is normal or if the heart is fluttering. With an existing internet connection, you can mail it right from the app to your family doctor for his further assessment. The small device even fits on your key ring and is compatible with Apple iOS and most Android-Smartphones. The perfect tool for skippers who frequently travel alone and worry about their heart health, and it also worked faultlessly during the test conducted by SeaHelp. The price for SeaHelp members, including storage box, will be 149 euros instead of 175 euros.


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