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New D-Marin marinas: D-Marin is expanding its presence in Italy with two new marinas in Liguria

D-Marin Yachthafen Italien: Marina degli Aregai
Marina degli Aregai © D-Marin

Premium marina operator D-Marin takes over two new marinas in Liguria, bringing the total number of D-Marin marinas in Italy to five: Marina degli Aregai and Marina di San Lorenzo now expand D-Marin’s portfolio to 26 marinas in the Mediterranean and the Gulf region.

“Our range of marinas is being expanded with Marina degli Aregai and Marina di San Lorenzo, embedded in one of the most beautiful yachting destinations on the Ligurian coast, significantly expanding the range of marinas. We are looking forward to further expanding these marinas and offering our customers two more destinations for their adventures in the Mediterranean,” said D-Marin Managing Director Oliver Dörschuck at the presentation of the expansion sites at this year’s boot water sports trade fair in Düsseldorf.

The new marinas have been carefully selected by D-Marin to offer customers an “enriching yachting experience”, Dörschuck continued. The marinas are located on the Riviera dei Fiori, a 58 km stretch of coastline characterized by natural beauty and cultural heritage.

The new marinas are located on the Riviera dei Fiori, a 58 km stretch of beautiful coastline

With 961 berths, the Marina degli Aregai is one of the largest marinas in Liguria, offering space for yachts up to 50 meters in length. The marina offers “24-hour mooring support, a shipyard, a lively shopping center with over 20 stores and restaurants as well as a hotel”, according to D-Marin.


D-Marin Marina Italy: Marina degli Aregai
Marina degli Aregai © D-Marin


The Marina di San Lorenzo is a first-class marina with 268 berths for boats up to 40 meters in length. Recent investments include the introduction of berths for superyachts. The marina also offers hotel facilities with a spa and a private beach.


D-Marin Marina Italy: Marina di San Lorenzo
Marina di San Lorenzo© D-Marin


With the two new additions in Italy, D-Marin currently operates 26 marinas in nine countries

Founded in 2003, the D-Marin Group is based in Greece. With the two new additions in Italy, the marina operator currently operates 26 marinas in Greece, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Malta and Albania with a total of more than 13,000 berths and dry docks that can accommodate over 3,000 vessels.

According to the marina operator, its aim is to offer its customers an “unforgettable yachting experience by providing outstanding quality standards and the highest level of customer service for its private customers and business partners”.

Managing Director Oliver Dörschuck announced at boot in Düsseldorf that he wanted to “further improve” the marinas with his “customer-oriented management approach and digital innovations” and “offer a first-class service” (to) “provide enriching customer experiences”.

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Marina degli Aregai

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