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People did not come to harm: Fire of a yacht in the Marina Punat

Fire Marina Punat Croatia: Fire on board a yacht
Helfer im Einsatz! Das Löschboot der Marina Punat hat sich seitlich platziert, um größere Brandnester zu löschen.

Fire of a yacht in the Marina Punat! In the morning of 11 August 2020 at around 8.00 a.m., a black cloud of smoke from the Marina Punat on the Croatian island of Krk, visible from afar and over 10 metres high, did not bode well. On closer inspection it turned out that a motor yacht, Sealine 38, had apparently caught fire at the jetty. According to initial information, the owner was not on board, so that no personal injury was caused by the fire in the marina.t an Bord, so dass bei dem Brand in der Marina kein Personenschaden entstand.


Fire: The fire on the yacht is under control
Extinguishing agent from the fire brigade to extinguish Sealine 38 floats like ice floes in summer in the Marina Punat.

Fire-fighting operations started quickly

As guests of the marina reported, the marina fire brigade arrived relatively quickly at the fire site of the yacht and began with the first fire fighting operations. In order to prevent the fire from spreading to other boats and yachts moored in the Marina Punat, the fire brigade first towed the fire to the local yacht service.



Fire Marina Punat Croatia: Fire on board a yacht
One tries to tow the partly still burning yacht from its berth to the yacht service in the Marina Punat.

Yacht Sealine 38 had to be flooded

In order to extinguish the fire completely and to avert the danger for other guests of the Marina Punat, the fire brigade first flooded the boat in a container basin provided for this purpose, before the burnt-out Sealine 38 was then lifted ashore by a crane.


Fire causes high damage to the yacht in the Marina Punat
After docking at the yacht service, the Sealine was first flooded, as eyewitnesses reported, to suffocate the last fire nests.


Marina Punat: recovery of the yacht
The crane of Marina Punat lifts the yacht out of the water. Further securing work can now take place on land.

Starting point of the fire obviously engine compartment

According to first reports, the yacht was located at the jetty of the Marina Punat, but without shore connection. According to eyewitnesses, the fire first spread to the engine room before spreading to other parts of the hull.

A fire-fighting boat of the marina fire brigade quickly arrived at the scene of the fire, took over initial fire-fighting operations and protected neighbouring boats and yachts from the fire spreading. According to information from among the marina guests, the fire-fighting operation was generally well coordinated.

Plastic hulls difficult to extinguish

The unloading procedure, as carried out in the Marina Punat, complies with the usual standards. Especially the hulls of the boats, which are mostly made of plastic, are difficult to extinguish by water from a fire hose alone, as there are still fire nests remaining, which can cause the fire to flare up again after completion of the extinguishing work.

Exact cause of the band still unknown

There are currently no further indications as to the cause of the sudden fire on the yacht in the Marina Punat. First of all, a fire expert’s report must be awaited. However, according to initial estimates, the amount of damage is likely to be in the six-figure range. If further details about the fire in the Marina Punat are found, the article will be updated.

Repeated fires in the Marina Punat

Unfortunately, this fire in the Marina Punat is not an isolated incident: in the morning hours of 16 May 2019, a fire broke out on the dry berths of the Marina Punat, causing total damage to numerous yachts in the Brodica. At the time, the heat development was quite intense and damaged a number of other yachts in the dry marina.

A similar incident as in May 2019 occurred in 2012, when several yachts were also on fire, but at that time still directly in the Marina Punat. A fire also broke out on board one of the yachts standing close together. Fanned by strong winds, the flames quickly spread to other yachts.

Marina Punat: Fire extinguished on board the yacht
Almost idyllic: The Marina Punat after the fire brigade was called out early in the morning because of a yacht fire.
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