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Savings promotion for SeaHelp members: New automatic lifebuoy OneUP PRO

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: Swiss company OneUP Rescue AG has developed a compact life ring (OneUP PRO) that fits in any handbag and inflates itself on contact with water – comparable to an automatic life jacket. SeaHelp members save 20 euros on the purchase of the practical and officially approved by many rescue centers rescue device.

For sport skippers who find a classic round or horseshoe-shaped solid life ring takes up too much space on board, but who still want to have a safe rescue device on board for the “worst case scenario,” rescue is on the horizon: the innovative Swiss company OneUP Rescue recently introduced a compactly folded life ring that inflates automatically only when needed – namely, when in contact with water.

According to the manufacturer, the OneUP PRO model with 110 Newton buoyancy and a 20-meter throw line is officially approved by the Association of Cantonal Navigation Offices (Switzerland) as well as by the Office of Navigation & Transport of the Bodenseekreis District Office (Germany) and the Bregenz District Authority (Austria) as a rescue throwing device on all lakes in Switzerland including Lake Constance.

On contact with water, the OneUP automatically inflates to an open life ring

Here’s how the inflatable life ring works: upon contact with water (whether salt or fresh water), the OneUP PRO automatically inflates into a life ring within approximately two seconds after contact with water causes a salt tablet built into the sensor to dissolve. The dissolution exposes a spring which activates the opening of the CO² cartridge.


Lifebuoy OneUP PRO inflated
© OneUP Rescue AG


According to the manufacturer, the system is already being used successfully by the navy and in aviation, for example in automatic life jackets. If a person goes overboard, the merely 17.5-centimeter-long and 400-gram-light package can simply be thrown to him – or, for safety’s sake, the OneUp PRO can be worn directly on the body, for example on the outside of sailing clothing.

The OneUP PRO offers a casualty enough buoyancy to wait for a rescue or to be pulled on board by the throw line

According to the manufacturer, the signal color yellow should be particularly easy to see in the water; this makes it easier to locate a person who has gone overboard. In addition, the OneUP is said to provide sufficient buoyancy for the casualty to save strength and wait for a safe rescue or to be pulled on board or ashore by using the attached throw line.

In addition to the compactly stowed lifebuoy, the PRO version of the OneUP includes a 20-meter buoyant throw line, a dry bag with space for the OneUP including a four-millimeter throw line, a carabiner for attaching the throw line, an instruction manual (D/F/I/ENG/ESP) and two OneUP stickers to indicate the presence of the rescue device.


Scope of delivery automatic lifebuoy OneUP PRO including throwing line
© OneUP Rescue AG


The rescue device can be easily reused by replacing the CO² cartridge and tablet

If the OneUP triggers in the water, it can be easily reused by simply inserting a new commercially available 24 gram CO² cartridge and salt tablet (like those used in automatic life jackets), folding the ring and stowing it in the convenient bag – done.

The manufacturer recommends replacing the CO2 cartridge and the salt tablet every two years for safety reasons and points out that only original products should be used; after four years at the latest, the OneUP should be completely replaced.

According to the company, the OneUP PRO model was tested by the VKS (Association of Maritime Offices) and officially approved as a rescue litter in May 2020. The legal regulations would require motor vessels with a propulsion power of more than 30kW and sailing vessels with a sail area of more than 15 square meters to carry a rescue throwing device with a minimum buoyancy of 75 Newton (ring, horseshoe or similar) with at least ten meters of throwing line on board in addition to the classic life jacket. These requirements are even exceeded by the OneUP Pro.

The OneUP comes in one size fits all – the “open ring” is designed to fit any stature

The OneUP comes in a one-size-fits-all design. The open ring is said to fit any stature; buoyancy is claimed to be 110 Newtons. According to the manufacturer, transport in the aircraft should also be unproblematic, but OneUP Rescue recommends that the rescue equipment and the associated CO² cartridges (max. four pieces) be transported separately and registered with the airline by phone 48 hours before departure.


Size comparisons OneUP PRO with life ring
Size comparisons OneUp Pro life ring with conventional life ring© OneUP Rescue AG


SeaHelp members save twenty euros on their order – simply request discount code

On offer is the model OneUP Pro (including throw line) for 149 euros, the refill set (cartridge and salt tablet) costs 29 euros. The good news: SeaHelp members save 20 euros when ordering the OneUP – simply request the discount code here, which will then be inserted when ordering online.



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