Exit Croatia: Penalties for non-compliance with quarantine and PCR test regulation

In the SeaHelp editorial office the hints of the members are currently accumulating to the effect that business travelers who enter Croatia without a PCR test in order to make an important appointment there, for example the commissioning of a repair for their yacht that cannot be postponed, are initially not correctly recorded as business travelers in the data system...

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SeaHelp Livestream Topics: Croatia vacation, entry, quarantine and yacht charter

Vacation 2021: The crucial question for all boat and yacht owners, but of course also for all charter guests in Croatia is, taking into account the coronavirus pandemic but: When can the significantly more than 200,000 boats and yachts in Croatia finally set sail again? The start of the 2021 water sports season is already eagerly awaited, including by charter...

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Measures and travel regulations for Austrian and German holiday-makers to Covid-19 times with journeys to Croatia, Italy, Slovenia

The off-season at the Adriatic Sea in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia lures this year with much sun, particularly empty beaches in addition, different regulations and measures for German and Austrian holiday-makers because of the Coronavirus with the entry and departure as well as in the transit. We dared the attempt to summarize the most different regulations and measures once for...

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No restrictions for the return journey to Austria from Slovenia and Croatia

The interpretation of the entry regulations for Austrians to Austria who are currently spending their holidays in Croatia or are planning another holiday is sometimes quite different in the Austrian media, sometimes even misleading. The SeaHelp editorial staff has contacted the responsible Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, Directorate General for Public Security to clarify whether unexpected difficulties could arise...

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No quarantine on return journey from Croatia from 16 June 2020

As currently reported in various Austrian media, travel restrictions for Croatia are to be lifted with effect from 16 June. This means quite obviously that anyone returning from Croatia after 16 June will no longer have to go into domestic quarantine in Austria. The news should probably also please visitors who are already planning to travel to Croatia via Corpus...

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