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Tank cleaning by MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH

Diesel tank cleaning - more safety on boat and yacht

Diesel tank cleaning for boats and yachts: The tank cleaning experts from MFT Mikrofiltertechnik are back on "Adria Tour" in the spring. On April 20 to 29, 2022, they will start the round trip in northern Italy and travel via Slovenia and Croatia, respectively Dalmatia, to complete some already firmly booked orders for tank cleaning and tank inspection of yachts....

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SeaHelp Livestream: Lecture on the subject of diesel spraying

About so important topics like fuels or diesel plague one speaks actually on the fairs, but the classical boat fairs as for example the boot Duesseldorf or the Austrian Boat Show Boot Tulln were cancelled Corona-conditioned, the personal exchange of the skippers among themselves and/or with the service providers from the boat industry can take place probably only if they...

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Diesel plague control in Lignano through MFT Microfiltertechnik

What do hand hygiene and tank hygiene have in common? Both offer protection, but hand hygiene protects against viruses, especially the dreaded corona viruses, while tank hygiene protects boat owners from bacteria-induced diesel plague, which loves to spread in diesel tanks. Especially when these tanks are stored in a warm and humid environment, such as by or in water, problems...

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Diesel plague in diesel filter

As recently as February SeaHelp reported that the tank cleaners from MFT Mikrofiltertechnik are once again on tour in the Adriatic Sea to clean the diesel tanks or to investigate whether the dangerous diesel plague (bacterial infestation or oxidation) has already spread in the fuel system. But then the coronavirus came and the Adriatic tour had to be postponed for...

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Yacht / Boat tank cleaning by MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH

The tank cleaning experts of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik are on an ”Adriatic tour‟ again in spring. On 26 and 27 April they will start their round trip in Northern Italy to complete some orders already firmly booked. The journey will then continue via Slovenia, Istria, the island of Krk to Split. SeaHelp members have the opportunity to save 10% of the...

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