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The Sea-Help Application is offering the request for prompt professional assistance in a breakdown or distress situations.
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The Sea-Help Application for Apple and Android devices has evolved to an indispensable tool for skippers in the last four years.

The idea of a quickly and uncomplicated assistance in stress situations has been used a thousand times over the past few years. It has long been rumored that the Sea-Help boats can be launched with only two clicks on the smartphone.

After a complete relaunch at the beginning of 2015, the functionality of the application was significantly expanded without any deduction of user-friendliness.

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Enclosed the app features will be shown to you.
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For the first start up

Please fill in first your personal information. It is very important because in case of an emergency this information will be sent to the operation base. The Sea-Help Team can use this information for a callback or further information.
Your not entered into a membership by filling in the data.

Please note the following information:

Emergency call

Your position will be sent immediately to the Sea-help Headquarter.

Open the application, slide the SOS button right to send a distress SMS. The SMS will be sent to the Sea-Help Headquarter, which will display the coordinates of the current location, the phone number and if you are a member of Sea-Help, the membership number.

The Sea-Help Headquarter will call back immediately to find out the details and starts any necessary assistance.

This is how the SMS will be displayed to the Headquarter:


Here you can choose between the 5 functions:

  • 1. Emergency Call
  • 2. Speed/ Course / Position /
  • 3. Weather information
  • 4. Gas station
  • 5. Contact information’s
GPS Funktion

The GPS function displays the current location and the speed you are driving. If the coordinates are displayed on the display, you can forward them to friends via SMS. Of course, this does not trigger an emergency call.

  • On top the course is displayed
  • The second position shows the speed
  • The unit of measure can be selected by tapping the speed display.
Sea-Help App Oberfläche
Weather informations

If there is a connection to the Internet, the current regional weather data is displayed under the menu item “Weather”. An application that can provide valuable information for skippers.

When the desired region has been selected, the current wind data is displayed. The wind development can be be shown in the 3h rhythm.

The weather forecast is described with the button Nautical and forecast.
Different views are displayed in each region.

Gas station

An overview map with all water gas stations and gas stations nearby supplement this service-oriented application, which should not be missing on any skipper phone.

Beware: The distances indicated correspond to the direct line, in fact, parts of land or other obstacles can extend the way to the gas station. An additional view into the map is essential.

If the petrol station is displayed in RED, the petrol station is closed. Telephone number and opening hours are available in the detail view.

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Use your benefits

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This service is available to all Skippers in the mentioned areas. Sea-Help advises that we will – in case of multiple received distress calls at a time-  give priority to Sea-Help members. This service is not replacing the common international distress call scenarios and at best is meant to be complementing these.

You don’t need an internet connection to use the Sea-Help application. Additional charges may apply while using your phone abroad. Please consult your provider for further information on this.

We will apply the following charges as per the price-list to calls received from non members. Please inform yourself about this before using this app.

Should you locate errors in the content please inform us via the existing support sites.

Important note:
We can not be held liable for the exact determination of the GPS-coordinates with help of a mobile device and the successful transmittance of the SMS to the Sea-Help central.

100% Help
SeaAssistanceService & Yachtinsurance

ADRIATIC SEA ..... 00385 919 112 112


100% Help / SeaAssistanceService & Yachtinsurance


ADRIATIC SEA..... 00385 919 112 112
BALEARIC- / BALTIC SEA ....... 00800 112 00 112


100% Help / SeaAssistanceService & Yachtinsurance


ADRIATIC SEA ..... 00385 919 112 112