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Yacht insurance

Yacht insurance for your sailing yacht, motor yacht or boat

As the leading European nautical breakdown service, SeaHelp also offers insurance for boats and yachts.

Yacht insurance – for perfect insurance cover, it takes more than just comparing price and performance. It’s also about understanding and appreciating the different needs of boat owners.

Not only do we have a wealth of expertise and experience; with us you can count on personal and competent service, especially when it comes to claims settlement. We are your contact for boat insurance, yacht and motor yacht insurance.

The SeaHelp principle: Minimise damage as far as possible already by the local emergency services in order to be able to offer members reasonable insurance premiums and coverage. The reinsurers reward this with reduced premiums, which SeaHelp passes on to its members. SeaHelp Insurance policyholders also benefit from a personal contact person on site, who normally guarantees quick and uncomplicated claims settlement.

Therefore trust in SeaHelp Yacht insurance

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Customer service
SeaHelp Insurance executive Director Robert Perger

Robert Perger

SeaHelp contact person for yacht insurance

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Brief overview and coverages

Important note!

This is only a cover statement (as an example from Helvetia) where we believe this is important for our customers. Please refer to the general conditions for the full scope of insurance.

Your ship including accessories and indicated dinghy, all nautical equipment such as GPS, autopilot, all technical equipment, tarpaulin, solar panel, wind generator, even binoculars, radio, etc. are insured according to the conditions. Even personal belongings up to 10% of the total insurance sum (up to a maximum of EUR 3,500.-) are also insured in the event of loss through robbery or theft.

All risks such as collision, grounding, theft, fire, storm, hail, sinking, transport, ditching/retrieval, etc. are insured, with the exception of the exclusions listed in our terms and conditions.

It goes without saying that the sum insured selected by you is agreed as a fixed rate, which we use in accordance with all legal requirements in the event of damage.

Partial damages are reimbursed up to the amount of the sum insured on the basis of the repair invoice without deductions “new for old”.

If salvage and/or disposal is necessary, the resulting costs are covered with a sum of € 30,000!

The risk of land, sea transport and cranes is also insured.

You’ve touched ground with your ship. The necessary inspection costs, regardless of whether damage is found, are insured.

Such damage happens quickly. In order that you do not have to bear these costs, we do not exclude such damages.

Personal injury, damage to property, rent and financial losses are also insured.

For unjustified claims for damages on the part of third parties, the court and lawyer’s fees for legal defence will be paid.

Your ship has been damaged by a third party, who cannot pay due to insolvency or insufficient sum insured. With us you still have insurance cover.

Also insured are damages resulting from the use of dinghies belonging to the vehicle and of water sports equipment, if these are specified.

Covered (under liability) are losses arising, for example, from the pollution of water, including groundwater.

There is no deductible in the event of total loss of the insured boat due to burglary and damage caused by fire, arson and lightning. In the case of damage to dinghies and trailers documented in the policy, the deductible is generally € 500,-.

Insurance FAQ - Frequently asked questions

General questions about boat insurance

The liability cover applies in the same area as the comprehensive cover.

Italy € 6 million (€ 5 million for personal injury and € 1 million for damage to property)
Spain € 336.568 (€ 240.406 for personal injury and € 96.162 for damage to property)
Croatia 3.5 million Kuna (approx. € 486,000)
Greece € 500 000 for material damage and € 150 000 for environmental damage

This problem can also be solved with the loss of receivables cover, which is insured free of premium under the boat/yacht liability insurance (see policy for the sum insured).

If a claim for compensation determined by the court cannot be realised even by means of foreclosure, your own boat/yacht liability insurance will treat you like an “accident victim”.

A prerequisite for this insurance cover is that the person causing the damage must have had a permanent residence in a state of the European Union or Switzerland at the time the damage occurred.

Damage to the boat named in the policy is not covered by the insurance, as this can also be insured through the proven hull cover in the event of third-party fault.

The permanent berth/location of the boat in summer and winter must be within Europe.

The so-called “blue cards”, also known as certificates, are no longer printed on blue paper, i.e. you now receive these insurance certificates on white paper. However, there are no changes in terms of content.

The insurance cover shall commence at the earliest on the day of receipt by the insurer by post, fax or e-mail. The application data and documents must also be available in full.

The free transfer of the boat to authorized persons with a valid driving licence is also insured.

No, but we can give a special discount if the boat is not used and it is only in port or on land and is not actively used.

In the event of a sale, the sales contract must be sent to the insurer, as the official bodies won’t sent an automatic notification about changes in the registration. The seller will receive a refund of the remaining premium. The buyer can further insure the vessel with us, but a new insurance contract must be concluded in his name.

The period of notice of 3 months before the contract expires must be observed in writing.

Through our “SeaHelp-Helpline” you will receive the fastest and best possible help (also at sea) in case of a hull or liability insurance claim. This ensures that in the event of a claim, you will receive immediate assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in organising the necessary damage handling measures for boat insurance.

Frequently asked questions about boat & yacht hull insurance

For the duration of the insurance, all risks are covered, e.g. theft, fire, sinking, grounding, collision, etc.; everything is insured that is not expressly excluded.

In the event of damage, new parts are often used instead of the damaged used parts for restoration. This increases the value of the damaged boat. This increase in value (difference between new and used parts) will not be deducted from your payment. So no deductions new for old. For further information, please refer to the respective conditions.

Insurance cover for your boat/yacht exists for journeys, transport and stays within the area of operation specified in the policy both on water and on land. Thus, the winter storage risk outside of waters in halls is also included in particular.

In the first place, the policyholder (boat owner) is responsible for determining the value of the boat. In particular value appraisals, valuations, other proofs of value or photos are very helpful in this respect.

The insurer also reimburses expenses for the lifting of the wreck and its removal (disposal costs). For further information please see the respective conditions.

Yes, a suitable anti-theft device must be installed.

Yes, your outboard motor is considered to be co-insured in the fully comprehensive insurance (all risks cover). It is important that you include the value in the sum insured.

(Example boat 40.000 Euro / outboard motor 12.000 Euro = total sum insured 52.000 Euro)

These are articles of daily use necessary for water sports, for example binoculars, compasses, measuring instruments and other nautical equipment which are not permanently attached to the vessel.

Yes, there is a no-claims bonus in the boat or yacht hull insurance. The highest discount level is 40%.

You can insure your trailer against theft, fire, lightning, explosion and storm.

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The combination of breakdown service and insurance saves the insurance companies money.

The result is a favourable insurance premium for your boat.

Together with our partners we stand for competent and fast claims handling!

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Information and market fundamentals

SeaHelp is one of the leading specialists in yacht insurance. In order to offer our customers the perfect insurance cover, it takes more than just comparing price and performance. It’s also about understanding and appreciating the different needs of boat owners.
Not only do we have a wealth of expertise and experience; with us you can count on personal and competent service, especially when it comes to claims settlement. We are your contact for boat insurance, yacht and motor yacht insurance.

Insurance cover is therefore tailored to the needs of the customer.

Please note that SeaHelp only offers you its own insurance products developed with the participating insurers and cannot provide further advice or selection of other insurers or products.

Our remuneration for the mediation of insurance contracts is in the form of a percentage commission and an expense allowance per mediated insurance contract.

SeaHelp Insurance GmbH has no direct or indirect participation in the voting rights and/or the capital of an insurance company.

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