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In order to make it easier to rent a boat for a limited period of time as a property owner – regardless of whether You are a lender or borrower – at home and abroad, we have created this free of charge power of attorney generator for Sea Help members. Of course, non-members can also use this service free of charge.

The Sea Help web-based Power of attorney Generator is particularly helpful if You – as the user – want to rent a boat or yacht without the owner being present, or if You want to lend Your own boat or yacht to someone, without You yourself – as the owner – having to be on site when the property is handed over or used.

And this is how it works: The owner simply creates a power of attorney using the link below, and in the form, along with his personal data, he also enters the data of the authorized representative, as well as other specifications such as the time period and purpose of the authorization.

The free Power of attorney Generator checks whether all the necessary information has been provided, creates the power of attorney in real time, converts it into a PDF and then sends it immediately to the grantor; the authorized representative will be informed by email that he has been authorized.

Advantage: the free Power of attorney Generator from SeaHelp automatically translates into Croatian, Italian and German – depending on the place of residence of the grantor and the authorized representative. If the place of residence is in another country, the power of attorney will be automatically generated in English.

Since the power of attorney is based on the underlying legal transaction (loan), it is generally possible informally, that means a signature is sufficient, because: the power of attorney is effectively granted if the grantor gives it to the authorized representative in the internal relationship by means of a declaration (so-called Internal power of attorney). However, especially abroad, it should make sense to have the power of attorney notarized.

In addition to natural persons, it is possible to authorize legal entities, for example when it comes to the navigation of marina employees to the gas station for the purpose of refueling or servicing the vessel. The broker who is entrusted with the sale of the boat should also be authorized to use the boat e.g. for test drives.

In the last-mentioned case constellations, however, it should be checked whether an assignment (or, in the case of remuneration, an agency agreement) might make more sense at this point, possibly in combination with an authorization.

Attention: The Power of Attorney Generator is exclusively designed for the use of a thing (vessel) free of charge and for a certain period of time. In particular, rentals which include payment, charter or similar rentals are not included in scope of this Generator.

If You have any questions about the free Power of attorney Generator from SeaHelp, just send us an email: vollmacht@sea-help.eu.

Power of attorney Generator
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