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Recovering from an accident

Assistance in case of boat accident

Call us and benefit from our many years of experience in boat salvaging and assistance at sea!

SeaHelp has both the equipment and the experience to perform salvage operations with the least possible impact on materials. Trained divers, salvage balloons, high-performance pumps and trained personnel can handle (almost) any challenge. In addition, Sea Help’s salvage professionals have developed a system that allows yachts to be recovered from rocky ground quickly, safely and gently.

Only one thing is certain:
Even SeaHelp cannot override the laws of physics!

What do you have to consider?

  • Generally, the boat salvage must be paid by the owner, but if the yacht is covered by hull insurance, the salvage costs can be claimed from the insurance companies.
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  • If SeaHelp conducts the rescue, the insurance can be settled directly with the insurance company.
  • Croatian fishermen or diving centres are often the best option for salvaging ships. However, they are never liable for damages caused unnecessarily during salvage.
  • Many yachts have sunk while being towed away and the insurance company did not pay because the insurance adjuster could not determine the cause of the accident.
  • We are insured for damages that may occur during boat salvage or in case of total loss of the insured object up to an amount of € 10 million.
  • If a tank breaks during a salvage operation and fuel leaks (environmental damage), the client of the salvage operation and therefore the owner is normally liable.
    Not at SeaHelp! Because we are insured!

What to do in case of an accident?

  • Report immediately to SeaHelp > Make the emergency call correctly
    (SeaHelp immediately alerts authorities, SAR, captaincy)
  • SeaHelp comes to the rescue as quickly as possible in the event of a boat accident to minimize damage.(The owner is obliged to minimise damage)
  • Informing the hull insurance (if hull is insured)
    > Request a free insurance offer
  • Making an accident report to the competent port authority
  • SeaHelp submits a binding, written offer.
  • Disembarkation of the yacht by the contracted salvage company
  • Inform the insurance adjuster of the location of the yacht.

Rescue operations conducted by SeaHelp:

Impressions of some SeaHelp recovery operations