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Emergency call app at sea

The idea behind the APP for smartphones (iOS and Android) is as simple as its operation: In an emergency, when things get hectic on board, it takes just two clicks to make an emergency call, which at the same time transmits the exact position of the person seeking help as well as their mobile phone number to the control centre.

Simply move the red emergency call button on the SeaHelp app from left to right and confirm the emergency call. The mobile phone automatically sends an emergency SMS to the SeaHelp operations centre, which transmits both the mobile phone number and the current position data. A SeaHelp employee from the operations centre will immediately call back to get an overview of the situation. A SeaHelp response boat will then be dispatched and/or further action will be taken immediately, as required.

However, it’s also worth getting to know the additional functions of the app: SeaHelp news, weather warnings, and the coordinates of the current location, a compass, a petrol station map, a tide calendar, and the option to easily request an insurance quote can be found in the menu.

The app is now installed on approximately 30,000 mobile applications and has become an indispensable tool for skippers in SeaHelp-supported areas.

The functional description of the SeaHelp emergency call app

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