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We offer several options for SeaHelp membership, so there is something for everyone.

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As the leading nautical breakdown service in Europe we offer insurance protection for boats, yachts (motor yachts, sailing yachts).

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SeaHelp breakdown service

At the quay wall where the responsibility of conventional breakdown services ends, Sea Help’s work begins. Whoever does not want to miss the service of a breakdown service on the road, should not do without it on the water either.

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Protection & free services
SeaHelp membership

Your benefits

Profit of the variety of benefits of the large community of SeaHelp-members and of the free services when things aboard do not work the way they should. A SeaHelp-operational boat is just two clicks away on your mobile phone and will help in the case of small or big mishaps aboard quickly and reliably. This saves a lot of money nerves and, not least of all, lost valuable holiday time. In addition, SeaHelp-members will benefit from the low SeaHelp Insurance premiums as, due to the presence of the operational boats, potential damage will be minimized in the case of such damage. At the same time, a swift settlement is made by personal contact partners at the site of the incident.

SeaHelp services & memberships

We offer three different ways to become a SeaHelp member, so there is something for everyone. For commercial customers, such as marinas or charter companies, SeaHelp offers the Business Pass at extremely interesting conditions.

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Yacht & charter insurance
SeaHelp Insurance GMBH

Insurance for your yacht, motor yacht or boat

As the leading European nautical breakdown service, SeaHelp also offers insurance for boats and yachts. The SeaHelp principle: Minimise damage as far as possible, even by the emergency services on site, in order to be able to offer members low-cost insurance premiums. The reinsurers reward this with significantly reduced premiums, which SeaHelp passes on to its members. SeaHelp Insurance policyholders also benefit from a personal contact person on site, who normally guarantees quick and uncomplicated claims settlement. THAT’S WHY YOU CAN TRUST SEAHELP YACHT INSURANCE
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Safety plus for skippers
The SeaHelp app offers all skippers, not just SeaHelp members, and the ability to request professional help in the event of a breakdown with just two clicks. The app automatically transmits the emergency call via SMS to the SeaHelp headquarters in Punat, including your mobile phone number and the current coordinates, which are generated from your mobile phone’s GPS. In the event of a breakdown, skippers only need to press the emergency call button. This is followed by an immediate call back to the Punat Operations Centre to clarify the exact circumstances of the accident. At the same time, a SeaHelp rescue boat is dispatched to the scene of the accident. SeaHelp offers this service free of charge to all skippers, including non-members. If, as is common with suddenly occurring storms, several emergency calls from members and non-members arrive at the same time, members will receive preferential treatment depending on the type and extent of the operation. That is why SeaHelp recommends the conclusion of a membership.

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