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Ban on Sunday opening Croatia

If you want to go shopping on your summer vacation in Croatia, you should familiarize yourself with the new Sunday opening ban beforehand. The reason: a new regulation for stores on the Adriatic coast came into force in July last year. Public institutions and stores remain closed on important national holidays anyway. Croatia is a dream destination for many vacationers....

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Carry weapons on board (yacht) during the cruise.

Every skipper who is planning a circumnavigation or an excursion to distant climes considers the issue of "weapons on board" before the trip. Should you take them on board or leave them at home? SeaHelp lists arguments for and against firearms on the yacht and interviewed Germany's best-known sailor, Bobby Schenk, on the subject. Carrying firearms on board yachts, especially...

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Old ammunition in the Baltic Sea

Our seas are polluted by considerable quantities of conventional and chemical munitions. More than 1.6 million tons are stored at the bottom of the North and Baltic Seas. After more than 70 years, old munitions on the seabed are still a danger to humans and the environment, as they release toxic substances such as TNT, mercury and lead as pollutants....

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