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Volvo Penta IPS System:

Whoever wants to buy a motor yacht is often faced with the choice of the right drive. In addition to the size of the yacht, the type of use and performance, the buyer should also consider the various types of drive available on the market before making the purchase in order to avoid disappointment later on. What are the advantages...

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AIS - maximum safety at sea

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a transponder system as it has been known from aviation for a long time. Since December 2000, it has been chosen by the IMO as a mandatory standard and provides accurate data on the status of an AIS-equipped vessel to all other vessels in the vicinity. AIS equipment In principle, AIS equipment can be distinguished...

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History More than 43 years ago, on February 22, 1978, the first satellite of the Navstar GPS system was launched into orbit by the United States Space Forces, ushering in a new era of position determination. Originally designed purely for military purposes, civilian use was permitted by order of then U.S. President Ronald Reagan after a Korean Air plane accident...

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Marine radars: Raymarine Quantum2 radar with Doppler function and AIS insertion

A radar system supports safe navigation in uncertain weather and is extremely helpful when you are underway at night, in bad weather or in fog. Objects such as sea marks, pilings, other ships (even without lighting) and even rain fronts and of course the islands and coastlines that you cannot see visually due to the visibility restriction are detected by...

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SeaHelp jump start (Jump Start: free service for members)

Providing jump-start assistance when the on-board battery is discharged is one of the free services included in a SeaHelp membership. Not without reason, as can be seen from the SeaHelp breakdown statistics, because the number of jump-start requests has increased significantly in recent years. A clear distinction should be made between conventional car batteries and on-board batteries on ships, boats...

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Yacht and Boat: Prevent Diesel Plague in Winter Storage with Additive

This year, not only the owners suffered from this, but also the fuel in the form of diesel plague: due to the corona pandemic, in 2020 many ships remained in winter storage much longer than originally thought. This was literally a food for bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi, which were able to spread very well in the diesel tanks. Even...

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