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Yachts fell victim to flames: Major fire in Kaštela marina causes damage in the millions

Major fire in Marina Kastela: damage in the millions, numerous yachts many victims of the flames
Major fire in the marina Kaštela: Numerous yachts fell victim to the flames. The full extent of the catastrophe will probably only be seen when the next day dawns.

In the Marina Kaštela on the evening of May 29, 2021, a fire broke out on one of the yachts, which quickly developed into a major fire with damage in the millions. According to initial reports, at least five yachts, each over 15 meters in length, are believed to have fallen prey to the flames, but it is believed that more yachts were affected. Personal injuries were not yet known.


Major fire in Marina Kastela: Already visible from a distance, the many burning yachts
Clearly visible from a distance: the major fire in Kaštela Marina.


Fire spread rapidly

According to initial reports, the fire broke out on one of the yachts moored on an outside berth in Kaštela Marina and spread furiously. As initially communicated from circles of the marina administration, the crew of the yacht on which the major fire originated tried in vain to extinguish the flames. Eventually, the mooring ropes also caught fire, the yacht broke loose from the jetty, drifted towards other yachts and set them on fire as well.

Firefighters could only prevent the flames from spreading

A large contingent of firefighters, as well as the staff of the Marina Kaštela fight against the flames, but in particular they tried to prevent the fire from spreading to other yachts. Partially, they also towed burning yachts out of the marina, if that was possible.

Crews had to be evacuated

Already immediately after the outbreak of the fire began the evacuation of yachts in the Marina Kaštela. In the process, Marina Kaštela endeavored to initially provide temporary accommodation for the ship crews. A big problem, as so often in such accidents, were the gaffers. Due to the bright glow of the fire and the cloud of smoke visible from afar, residents of Kaštela, as well as some tourists, came to Kaštela Marina to see for themselves what happened there.

So far no exact information about the amount of damage

To the amount of damage, respectively to the exact number of damaged yachts can be made at present still no data, even if after first estimates probably values of several million euro fell victim to the flames. To the cause is likewise still nothing known, at hasty assumptions, as in many places already expressed, we would not like to take part, but first once the result of the police investigations wait or fall back on secured realizations.

SeaHelp also on site

SeaHelp responders from the base in Solta, who were also on the scene, were presented with a picture of horror. Also they could provide themselves between all the firefighters hardly an overview of the entire extent of the damage, since also against 23.00 h the extinguishing work was not yet locked. According to their descriptions, between five and fifteen yachts could be affected. It was said that one yacht had been pulled out of the Kaštela marina and had sunk in the meantime. Two other yachts had been pulled onto the beach on fire to be extinguished there. Whether in the marina at the jetties still many yachts had burned out or sunk, could not be made out in the hectic.


SeaHelp responders from the Solta base, were also on the scene.


Fireboat on scene

But one thing is certain, according to them: the intervention of the fireboat stationed in Kaštela Marina has definitely prevented even greater damage. A SeaHelp employee: “The firefighting efforts, especially with the support of the fireboat, have led to the fact that the fire was quickly eigedämmt according to the circumstances, even if one might get a different impression due to the immense damage.”


Major fire in Marina Kastela: deployment of the marina's fire-fighting boat
Through the use of the fireboat stationed in the marina, worse could be prevented.


Luck of the draw: no wind

Luck in the misfortune might have had probably also numerous owners, whose yachts hardly suffered damage. At the time of the fire there was almost no wind in the marina Kaštela. Not to think what could have happened if the wind had additionally driven the flames.

Updates to come



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