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Winterizing boats and yachts: what you should bear in mind

When the summer comes to an end, you should already think about the winterization of boats and yachts. In part 1 of our news we devoted ourselves on 14.9.2023 to the topic "Gasoline and diesel don't last forever". Today the SeaHelp editorship calls further topics, which should be absolutely considered with the Einwintern of boats yachts, if one does not...

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Transport boat on trailer: Rules, regulations and rules.

If you set off from your home country towards the sea with your trailer boat, you must observe a number of regulations for larger combinations - otherwise you could face severe penalties. The regulations for the trailer transport of boats vary from country to country. For a better overview we have summarized some information from Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and...

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Part 1: Trailering, but the right way!

The new boating season has long since begun. Many owners trailer their floating vessel themselves to the mooring or to their vacation destination. This has many advantages, for example, you are much more flexible when planning your trip. But before the boat is loaded piggyback onto the trailer and hitched up, the trailer captain should familiarize himself with the special...

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Vacation: Packing, but properly - tips for long-distance travel and boat vacationers

2023 it goes to Corona again for many vacationers in the distance. A packing list facilitates the vacation preparation immensely, and it helps to avoid unnecessary stress. Especially long-distance trips, but also trips with a boat or yacht, require a little more thought when packing. SeaHelp gives tips for all long-distance travel and boat newcomers, what absolutely belongs in the...

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