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Mercury Avator7.5e - Electric outboard motor

The future on the water is electric. In January 2023, Mercury launched the Mercury Avator 7.5e electric outboard motor. The innovative engine was promptly awarded the Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) 2023. SeaHelp will be presenting interesting, forward-looking projects in the field of e-mobility on the water for sports skippers here at regular intervals. The future...

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Baltic Sea storm surge 2023: Many sailing yachts sunk

The SeaHelp team led by head of operations René Haar had their hands full over the last few days. The reason was the Baltic Sea storm flood on the night of October 20/21, 2023, which the authorities currently classify as the most severe Baltic Sea storm flood since 1872. "A flood of the century", summarizes SeaHelp operations manager René Haar....

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Boot Düsseldorf 2024 - Luxury Yachts: SeaHelp Booth Hall 10 Booth F55

The major European autumn fairs in Cannes, Monaco, Genoa and Southampton have run, it still follows in addition to some smaller boat shows the Salon Nautico Barcelona, METSTRADE Amsterdam, Boot & Fun Berlin and the Nautic Paris, then it's time again: the world's largest yacht and water sports fair, the boot in Düsseldorf opens its doors right at the beginning...

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SeaHelp Flensburg Förde: Salvage minke whale with rescue boat

On October 14, René Haar, skipper of a SeaHelp response boat / Baltic Sea in the Flensburg Förde discovered a "large marine mammal". The then surprisingly turned out to be a 400-kilogram minke whale. The minke whale, minke whale or minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata), in demarcation to the southern minke whale (B. bonaerensis) also called northern minke whale, a species...

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Tourists traveling in Croatia - Tourism Croatia

According to a survey by the Croatian Statistical Office in Zagreb, there was a 3.9% increase in tourist arrivals in total Croatia in July 2023, at the same time a 0.9% decrease in tourist overnight stays was recorded. The lower number of overnight stays could result from the fact that more tourists are once again spending their vacations on boats....

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Price situation in Croatia's restaurants: facts instead of sweeping judgments

No question, Croatia is popular with boaters from German-speaking countries as ever. However, many tourists complained this season about "price increases", "sharply increased prices" and even "rip-offs" in restaurants. This - often unfounded - blanket judgment is our SeaHelp editors in recent months once pursued and has looked closely at the price situation. Croatia is known among sport skippers as...

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Fuel prices, fuel prices in Croatia: big differences between road and boat fuel stations

While the fuel prices for gasoline and diesel at the fuel stations on roads and highways in Croatia are compared to the rest of Europe on a favorable and friendly level for vacationers, the skippers complain partly about "rip-off at the boat gas stations", as it is literally called. The reason: Instead of normal diesel, overpriced premium diesel and premium...

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