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Updating and correcting paper nautical charts?

Sport skippers should always have up-to-date nautical charts on board. In addition to electronic charts, these do not always have to be new (paper) charts; it may also be worthwhile to correct older material. This also applies to Croatian waters. SeaHelp explains what should be paid attention to. Paper nautical charts represent (in addition to the now widespread electronic nautical...

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Croatia: Joining the Schengen area on January 1, 2023

Now it is certain: Croatia is from next year a part of the large Schengen area. For tourists, this will eliminate annoying border controls and long lines at passport control. From January 1, Croatia can join the Schengen area without further border controls. This was agreed by the responsible ministers of the total of 26 Schengen countries on December 8...

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Euro introduction in Croatia from 01.01.2023

Croatia vacationers beware: who still has something of the previous national currency Kuna from trips from previous years, should act quickly. Reason: Croatia converts its currency from the kuna to the euro as of January 1, 2023. As the European Consumer Centre Germany explains, can be paid in Croatia because of the currency conversion only up to and including 14...

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Floods - Land under in Croatia, severe flooding

On the Adriatic coast of Croatia there was heavy flooding after rainfall, politicians even speak of a natural disaster with many flooded basements and destruction. The problematic flood situation is exacerbated above all by the current strong blowing Jugo. The news rolled over: on 18.11.2022 Wetter Online reported a severe storm and flash floods in Croatia. After that, there had...

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Mallorca / Balearic Islands: Ban internal combustion charter boats from 2030?

No question - the cambio climático, climate change, with its sometimes extreme weather events has also had an impact on the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, ...) quite concrete effects. But what to do? Above all, responsible, environmentally conscious action is called for here. This concerns the private as well as the economic sector equally. As a private, foreign tourist,...

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