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E-Scooter with road approval: The E-Scooter Moovi has grown up

E-Scooter Moovi Pro Comfort
E-scooter Moovi Pro Comfort with road registration as a transport solution for skippers.© MOOVI

The Moovi e-scooter (with road approval) has had an offspring: With the new Moovi pro Comfort presents virtually the “SUV” of the Moovi model series. In contrast to the Moovi Mini, the first model of the Moovi series, he has gained neatly: 7.9-inch tires instead of 5.7 inch tires as in the Mini provide more than decent straight running and instead of the 150-watt motor now drives a 300-watt E-motor the rear wheel of the scooter limited to 20 km / h with German road approval.

Despite the gain in safety and comfort, the equally legal and ideal companion with road approval has been able to almost maintain its weight, and not just for the last mile. Instead of 10.8 kilos, the Moovi pro Comfort now weighs in at a slim 12.8 kilos and can still be carried comfortably with one hand, even without a gym subscription.

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No comparison to rental scooters

But in general, opinions differ on the subject of e-scooters: rental scooters, which are now lying around everywhere in cities, do not exactly contribute to the positive image of the small, foldable means of transport. But a distinction should be made here: Unlike most users of rental scooters, owners who shell out up to 900 euros for such a sensible form of e-mobility will treat their means of transport with care. And so that it can also be parked from time to time, it can be permanently protected against pickpockets by a solid eyelet welded to the frame.

E-Scooter as a transporter

But the Moovi Pro Comfort wouldn’t have grown up if it couldn’t do even more than its street-legal predecessor: The front eyelet not only protects against theft, but also transforms the meanwhile quite solid e-scooter, despite its light weight, into a real pack mule: here, with the universal bracket, either a neatly dimensioned shopping basket or, for increased transport needs, a stainless steel luggage carrier can be mounted with just a flick of the wrist.



Moovi noticeably improved

Noticeably improved over the Moovi Mini is also the handling. The larger front tire of the Comfort version calmly cushions away smaller obstacles in conjunction with the frame suspension, and the so-called “Honeycomb rear tire”, a solid rubber tire with air chambers, brings calm to the ride. A new, low-vibration coating on the footboard does the rest. Or, to put it more simply: The Moovi pro Comfort can now also be driven one-handed without any problems if you want to announce a turn by hand signal in compliance with the StVO.



Moovi with insurance license plate

Speaking of road traffic regulations or road traffic registration regulations, the Moovi Pro Comfort requires a so-called insurance license plate for use on German roads, which can be obtained from most German insurance companies by paying about 50 euros per year (depending on the insurance company). For another 50 Euros, it can also be insured against theft (depending on the insurance company). Since it must have a so-called type approval for this reason alone, it is of course equipped with all safety-relevant features – from the bell to lighting to a total of three brakes: one is used for recuperation, which means that the battery is recharged when Bremen, a coaster brake and a drum brake in front.

Moovi: No problems abroad

Due to the insurance license plate, the Moovi Pro Comfort can also be used abroad, such as in Croatia, Italy or Austria, without any problems. Nevertheless, it is advisable to observe the respective rules for the operation of e-scooters when using it outside Germany.

Ideal means of transport for skippers

Summary: The Moovi Pro Comfort has improved considerably in terms of workmanship, quality and handling compared to the first-generation Moovis. In particular, however, the patented holder for loads offers a unique selling point in the e-scooter scene and thus a significant added value for skippers, campers and of course in normal everyday life, if you do not necessarily want to give up your parking space for the small purchase and instead of the car times to the Moovi reaches. Due to the small packing dimensions, the Moovi fits into almost every back box and can become the ideal companion for small trips and purchases for every yacht owner.



Moovi: Successful compromise

However, one thing should generally not be lost sight of when deciding to buy an e-scooter: Every e-scooter always represents a compromise between easy handling and convenient road use: If you want to fold it quickly to carry it on board, down stairs or to public transport, you will be pleased with the low scooter weight and easy handling. On the road, however, it should drive like a large, heavy scooter that you can’t just “tuck under your arm” for longer distances. We think that the new Moovi Pro Comfort has solved this balancing act perfectly, especially since the transport system, whether shopping basket or transport plate, brings real added value.


Moovi Pro Comfort with Systainer
Moovi Pro Comfort with Systainer on the luggage carrier of the MoovIT load system
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