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Download the declaration form for entry and transit through Austria Travel to and through Austria without traffic jams from Croatia

Form declaration for entry and transit Austria
Filling out the form "Declaration of Entry and Transit" for Austria even before the start of the return journey saves time and nerves at the Slovenian-Austrian border.

The easiest way to avoid traffic jams at the border between Slovenia and Austria due to the Austrian Corona travel warning for Croatia is to fill out the Declaration of Entry and Transit (Austria) form at your vacation destination, which must be presented at the Slovenian-Austrian border. Thus a brisk border clearance should be ensured. This possibility applies both to Austrians, who return from Croatia and to German Croatia vacationers, who cross Austria in the transit. Here it goes to the form download for entry and transit through Austria.

No waiting time at the border thanks to entry and transit form

Last weekend there were waiting times of up to 16 hours, especially at the Karawanken tunnel when crossing the border from Slovenia to Austria. Returning travellers reported chaotic conditions on the freeway, aid organizations were active and distributed water rations for holidaymakers plagued by traffic jams. Later, Carinthia’s governor Peter Kaiser ended the scenario by ordering only random checks.

Entry to Austria from Germany

Meanwhile, according to the publication of the Austrian government, entry into Austria is subject to the following regulations:

Entry into Austria from countries where a stable COVID-19 situation exists is possible without restrictions. The corresponding countries are currently (as of 24.08.2020): Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (only Canary Islands), Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican, United Kingdom and Cyprus. The prerequisite for this is that the person must have resided exclusively in these states in the past 10 days.

If a person has also been in other countries within the last 10 days, entry is possible either with a medical health certificate confirming a negative PCR test and the test was not more than 72 hours ago, or a 10-day (home) quarantine must be initiated after entry. For this purpose, a confirmation of accommodation must be presented and any costs incurred must be paid by the patient. The quarantine can be terminated if a PCR test performed during the quarantine is negative.“

In the plain language: Who travels from Germany to Croatia, can cross Austria without restrictions, because Germany is on the appropriate list, which ensures a free passage, thus also with intermediate overnight accomodation.

Entry to Austria from Croatia

For the return journey from Croatia the situation presents itself differently at present. Here it means from official side:

„The entry into Austria from countries where there is no stable COVID-19 situation is only possible with a health certificate. The corresponding countries are currently (as of August 24, 2020): Albania, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Egypt, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kosovo, Croatia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, Northern Macedonia, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Sweden, Senegal, Serbia, Spain (except the Canary Islands), South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, United States (USA) and the province Hubei in China.“

Transit through Austria without problems for German tourists

Without a health certificate and a negative PCR test due to the corona pandemic, German tourists are allowed to pass through Austria in transit if they have been in Croatia before. They must, however, declare in writing that they will leave Austria again by the direct route, if possible without stopping on their return journey.

Before returning from Croatia: Fill in the form Declaration of entry and transit

In order to speed up the clearance of returnees at the borders, the Austrian government has made available for download the form Erklärung zur Einreise und Durchreise (Declaration on Entry and Transit), which returnees can fill out at their vacation destination or on their way to the border. This form is available for download here.

Allegedly, the declaration for entry and transit is also to be distributed at the Slovenian-Croatian border stations, but whoever wants to be on the safe side, gets it before departure in Croatia and fills it out accordingly. Thus a compression chaos, as still one week ago experienced, should not repeat itself. Travel returnees from Germany report on this weekend of problem-free handling at the borders, also at the Karawanken tunnel.

Off-season Croatia: Completely new vacation experience

For German holiday-makers, who are in Croatia or plan still another vacation in the off-season, a travel warning because of the COVID 19 Pandemie applies so far exclusively for the regions Split and Sibenik. In particular the Croatian regions Istrien and Kvarner lure holiday-makers still with a relatively stable Coronavirus situation, which is on similar level as in their homeland countries. However, empty beaches and bays in the best late summer weather promise a completely new vacation experience.

Update 05.09.2020:

The form for Kroatienurlauber for entry over Slovenia to Austria led still before not too long time beside some other facts to mega jam with with the entry to Austria. Many SeaHelp members now report accordingly, at least German travel returnees would not need the form any longer. A member, that under troubles the form at the vacation place let itself print out let writes representatively for all different, which it likewise fated: Then the hammer with the entry to Austria (via Slovenia)! The border official took a quick look at the passport and when I wanted to hand out the form, the answer was: “Naa, des braach i ned. So why all the commotion before that?

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