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33. water sports fair Nautilia Latisana: Fair with mask

Hochwasser: 33. Nautilia Latisana - Gebrauchtboote Messe - Aprilia Marittima - Latisana (Udine - Italien)
Despite adverse conditions, visitors to the 33rd Nautilia Latisana were not deterred from attending the fair. Exhibitors reported quite positively about the course of the fair.

Does a water sports fair like the 33. Nautilia Latisana make any sense in times of the coronavirus? This question was asked by both potential visitors and exhibitors alike. This was exacerbated by a further handicap: on the first weekend of the fair, heavy rainfall in some places combined with southern winds caused a particularly high tide in the region, flooding parts of the port and thus also of the fairground in Lignano. And as if that alone had not been enough, the number of new corona infections in Italy increased dramatically at the same time.

Fair Italy: 33rd Nautilia Latisana takes place

But despite all the prophecies of doom and adversity: the 33rd Nautilia Latisana took place, the organizers did not let themselves be put off and presented a Corona concept that even the otherwise strict Italian authorities could live with. Anyone who would have thought that the skippers would be deterred from attending the fair would have been mistaken.  

Visitor rush: 33rd Nautilia Latisana - Used Boats Fair - Aprilia Marittima - Latisana (Udine - Italy)
Despite corona conditions and significantly increasing numbers of cases in Italy, long queues formed at the entrance to the Nautilia Latisana. However, they were surprisingly disciplined: Almost all wore masks.


Safety concept of the fair opens up

Already on the first day of the fair, when some areas of the fair were still slightly flooded, long queues formed – but by far – in front of the entrance, the parking lot of the marina complex in the region of Lignano and the parking facilities in the surrounding streets filled up quickly, even though rubber boots were probably more popular than sports shoes in some cases.

Dealers satisfied despite adverse conditions

And the dealers? They were satisfied with the sales they achieved, even if you can hardly believe it. Some of them might even have put on a big grin behind their masks, as they were told. Obviously almost exclusively real prospective buyers found their way to Lignano. Something similar was heard from the Interboot Friedrichshafen, where the business with the boats was flourishing, but the dealers for accessories were rather stuck on their products.

Nautilia: Fair for used boats

But the Nautilia is rather a fair for used boats, which has found its place in the fair calendar every year on two weekends in October. Used motorboats, sailboats, inflatable boats and trailer boats change their owners here. Potential boat buyers appreciate the possibility of comparison, which also offers them the opportunity to lower the prices accordingly.

Final spurt on 23, 24 and 25 October

Over 200 exhibited boats and yachts are still waiting to be inspected extensively next weekend, October 23, 24 and 25, 2020.

SeaHelp on site

Also on site are SeaHelp employees from the surrounding bases, Enrico Moz and Mike Jessen. With them the possibility exists for the boat owners in spe of locking equal additionally to the boat still another SeaHelp membership, in order to be able to drive on carefree the coastal regions Northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

SeaHelp Boot & Infostand: 33. Nautilia Latisana - Gebrauchtboote Messe - Aprilia Marittima – Latisana (Udine - Italien)
Of course SeaHelp was also represented at the Nautilia Latisana.


The right SeaHelp passport for your ship

SeaHelp offers with CharterPass, SmartPass and PremiumPass tailor-made products for the skippers in the region and is considered especially for Slovenia and Croatia as a competent partner if there are problems – no matter if with the own ship or the authorities.

Not forgotten – SeaHelp Insurance

And those who finally come to an agreement on the Nautilia should definitely compare the rates of the SeaHelp-Insurance with the insurance rates of their previous insurer. Due to the fact that SeaHelp, with its numerous bases in the region, not only ensures that damage is kept as low as possible, but is also known for quick and uncomplicated settlement despite low premiums, it is definitely worth talking to local employees.

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