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Lake Garda water level: sailing yacht, sailboat

Lately, the reports about the low water level at Lake Garda are increasing. But how is the current situation on site actually to assess? Experts from the Garda Trentino region currently provided information in a press conference. Recently, the reports about the low water level of Lake Garda are increasing; the effects of the drought in Italy are becoming visible....

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Attention - forest fire danger: forest fires also in Iatlia and Croatia

In many regions of Europe, it is currently exceptionally hot and dry. At the same time, the risk of forest fires is increasing in these areas; many fires have already broken out. How do I behave if I am surprised by a forest fire during a hike? SeaHelp informs. No matter in which regions in Europe you are currently on...

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Cruise tip Italy: Portopiccolo Sistiana

Just a few kilometers or nautical miles away from the usual cruising action in Croatia, Friuli Venezia Giulia is an area worth discovering right on your doorstep, where there are high-quality marinas, excellent cuisine and a fascinating culinary hinterland to discover. A look at a region that has much to offer for water sports enthusiasts and pleasure travelers. How about...

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