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Christmas markets also cancelled – but now >span>: “Lockdown light” in Croatia

Lockdown light Croatia: Croatia cancels Christmas markets
Even if the mask obligation in Croatia is now even more strongly supervised by the Lockdown, at the rudder the mask may off!

While until recently Croatia was still planning for Christmas markets and Advent celebrations, the current “lockdown light” means that it is now possible to replan: On November 26, 2020, the Croatian government published a roadmap for reducing the high level of new infections, to be precise 951.3 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days (14-day incidence). Restaurants will close until Christmas, and the number of participants in public events has been limited to a maximum of 25. Schools will remain open, but if possible classes will be held online. In addition to school, the opportunity to work should also be maintained. However, employers are required to allow their employees to work from their home office. “Lockdown light”, in other words.

Corona measures and lockdown light are valid until Christmas

If the epidemiological situation does not change fundamentally by Christmas, a further tightening of the measures is planned in the context of the Lockdown light in Croatia. In view one has thereby probably already now the drastic lowering of the Coronavirus new infections in Croatia regarding the forthcoming tourism season. Tourism contributes approx. 20% of the gross domestic product, Croatia can hardly afford a loss of this income, after the Corona pandemic and the lockdown already in the last year let the tourism proceeds shrink clearly.

Croatia: Significantly lower incidence values through “lockdown light

In the short term, incidence values of at least between 50 and 200 are targeted. There has also been talk of early relaxation in areas where incidence values should have fallen significantly. The region of Istria was specifically mentioned. However, local aggravations were also not excluded.

Here the new measures in the context of the “Lockdown light” in Croatia:

  • All meetings and meetings with more than 25 persons are forbidden
  • A maximum of 10 people may be present at private meetings
  • Mandatory wearing of masks in all closed rooms
  • Wedding ceremonies are suspended in lockdown
  • A maximum of 25 people may be present at funerals
  • Mandatory disinfection of surfaces in buildings
  • Mandatory ventilation in buildings
  • In public transport, the occupancy rate may not exceed 40 percent of the total number of seats, masks are mandatory
  • Stores and shopping centers – the maximum number of customers is limited by the sales area, 4 square meters per person, hygiene, ventilation, disinfection points must be identified
  • Opening hours until 10 pm for bakeries and stores that have to sell bread in the lockdown
  • Sales fairs are suspended due to the lockdown (including Christmas markets)
  • No sale of alcohol between 22.00 h and 06.00 h
  • Restaurants and cafés are closed except in hotels and camps
  • The preparation and delivery of food is permitted as it has been
  • Sports competitions and trainings are suspended with the exception of athletes of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd category
  • Fitness and gyms are closed in “Lockdown light
  • Choirs and performances of complex stage works (operas and musicals) are exposed
  • Dance schools are exposed
  • A limited number of people can visit the cinema, theater and concerts in Croatia
  • Foreign language schools and driving schools must conduct the theoretical part of the lessons exclusively online
  • The recommendation was made to broadcast religious events generally as audio or video streams. If this is not possible, the number of participants is limited to 25 persons
  • Prohibition to come to work with symptoms (cough, fever etc.)
  • Recommended work from home or work in shifts

Lockdown light Croatia: Christmas market Rijeka is cancelled

After the construction of the Christmas market with ice rink in Rijeka the day before might have caused incomprehension among observers, but also many locals, Croatia is now taking a step in the right direction with the lockdown. Until Easter there should be enough time to get the pandemic under control, especially since the weather, but also possible vaccinations and the availability of further tests should certainly play into the country’s cards. It was five to twelve, and some say it was already five past twelve – but better late than never!

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