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Tourists traveling in Croatia - Tourism Croatia

According to a survey by the Croatian Statistical Office in Zagreb, there was a 3.9% increase in tourist arrivals in total Croatia in July 2023, at the same time a 0.9% decrease in tourist overnight stays was recorded. The lower number of overnight stays could result from the fact that more tourists are once again spending their vacations on boats....

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Price situation in Croatia's restaurants: facts instead of sweeping judgments

No question, Croatia is popular with boaters from German-speaking countries as ever. However, many tourists complained this season about "price increases", "sharply increased prices" and even "rip-offs" in restaurants. This - often unfounded - blanket judgment is our SeaHelp editors in recent months once pursued and has looked closely at the price situation. Croatia is known among sport skippers as...

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Swimming Marathon RokOtok: Ribafish swimming stage from Korčula to Vrnik

At the swimming marathon RokOtok, known in Croatia since 2019, an educational event of Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish, who visits 50 Croatian islands swimming by his own muscle power, SeaHelp is also present: one of the yellow response boats secures the ambitious event as an escort boat on the last swimming stage from Korčula to Vrnik.. Tomorrow is the day: Domagoj...

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Fuel prices, fuel prices in Croatia: big differences between road and boat fuel stations

While the fuel prices for gasoline and diesel at the fuel stations on roads and highways in Croatia are compared to the rest of Europe on a favorable and friendly level for vacationers, the skippers complain partly about "rip-off at the boat gas stations", as it is literally called. The reason: Instead of normal diesel, overpriced premium diesel and premium...

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Croatia: new regulation for sport skipper changes license boat skipper category B

In Croatia, for recreational boating, you need a license (boat license) that allows you to steer a boat. The most popular of these is the license "Boat license category B". But beware: a new regulation changed the license. The Croatian license "Boat license category B" allows sports and recreational skippers to move boats and yachts up to a maximum of...

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Kroatien: Wegfall der Grenzkontrollen auf See, Einreise Drittländer, Vignetten- und Kurtaxe-Pflicht bleiben bestehen

SeaHelp asked the Croatian Ministry of the Interior in Zagreb what has changed concretely by the accession of Croatia to the Schengen area on 1.1.2023 in terms of border controls at sea - and what not. The statement we have now received confirms facilitations in border traffic. Vignette and tourist tax obligations will continue to apply. Crew lists are required...

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