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Uber launches on Mallorca and in other popular vacation regions, new: Uber Boat

From now on, rides of the US service provider can also be booked on Mallorca, Tenerife, Corfu and Rhodes via the Uber app. With Uber Boat you can recently also go boating on Mykonos with up to eight people, promises the transport company..

Uber (named after the English Germanism uber for “over”) is a US service company based in San Francisco. It offers online brokerage services for passenger transportation in many cities around the world. Advantage: often Uber rides are there faster in relation to classic cabs, they are cheaper, and the transaction is very simple via the cell phone app.

In Germany, Uber only provides rides to licensed rental car companies. The options available are UberX, Green, Premium, UberXL and Taxi. The mediation takes place via a mobile app or a website. The company charges a commission of more than 25 percent of the fare.

The U.S. company is continuously expanding its offerings, rides are now also possible in Mallorca

Step by step, more ride services have been and are being added, such as meal delivery UberEats. Effective immediately, the mobility platform is now offering its ride-hailing service on Spanish and Greek vacation islands: Users can recently book rides via the Uber app on Mallorca, Tenerife, Corfu and Rhodes, for example.


Uber Boat with comfort.
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Above all, the Spanish island of Mallorca is particularly popular with Germans and is often referred to as the 17th state, due to the large number of German visitors on site. Now, vacationers and locals can easily get a ride to their boat, through the stunning landscapes of the Balearic island, or to the party mile at the touch of a button. Uber Comfort, Reserve and Uber Van options are available on Mallorca, and Uber Black on Tenerife.

New is Uber Boat, initially available on Mykonos. Mallorca is to be added later

In Greece, too, Uber now wants to make vacation mobility even more convenient. Uber Taxi is launching on Santorini and Mykonos, among other places. On Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes, travelers can use Uber Comfort to explore the islands in a relaxed manner and with extra legroom.

On Mykonos, there is also a very special new option this year: with Uber Boat, vacationers can take a trip on the Aegean Sea. Simply by pressing a button, they can book a boat ride for up to eight people via the Uber app.

The company says it is also planning to introduce Uber Boat in Mallorca. It is not known when this will happen there. First, the service would have to be permitted by the Spanish authorities, which currently has not yet happened, according to SeaHelp information.

Other Uber vacation countries include France, Portugal and Croatia, and in Italy the cab services are now available in Sicily

More vacation countries where Uber offers its services: In France, during the summer season, users can get rides in towns along France’s Atlantic coast – from the Basque towns of Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz to La Baule and Le Touquet in southern Brittany.

In addition, the Uber Berline option is launching in Bordeaux, allowing users to visit vineyards in style in high-class luxury cars with top-notch drivers. Uber is also available to users all along the Côte d’Azur to get from A to B as comfortably and conveniently as possible with Uber Reserve and Comfort.


Uber Boat in many vacation regions
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In Portugal, Uber is available along the entire Algarve coast. Users can choose from different options such as UberX, Green, XL, Assist, Pet and Comfort. Uber is also available again during the summer in Sicily and Sardinia, as well as Malta. Along the Croatian coast, rides can be booked via Uber app in Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka and on the island of Pag.

The app is easy to use and offers some security features

To book a ride, users must first download the Uber app (iPhone / Android). After creating an account and storing their preferred payment method, they can enter their ride destination and are then presented with several ride options. Users then select one of these and book the ride.


Uber Boat App
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Advantage: passengers see the name of the cab or rental car company arranged by Uber and the profile of the professional driver with photos, license plate number and service rating in each case before starting the journey. After completion of the ride, cashless payment is automatically made by credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Uber Boat: fast and uncomplicated
© Uber Technologies Inc.


The Uber app also offers numerous safety features. For example, users can share the status and location of their ride with friends or family. In addition, they can use PIN verification to ensure that they are getting into the right vehicle. Users provide the four-digit PIN to the driver, who can only start the ride if it is the correct car.

Uber has come under criticism in the past because the company collects extensive data about its drivers and customers. For example, GPS is used to evaluate the exact route of a ride, when it was taken, who was driving, who the passenger was, where the car stopped, where it slowed down or turned off, according to the report.

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