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Mallorca / Balearic Islands: Ban internal combustion charter boats from 2030?

No question - the cambio climático, climate change, with its sometimes extreme weather events has also had an impact on the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, ...) quite concrete effects. But what to do? Above all, responsible, environmentally conscious action is called for here. This concerns the private as well as the economic sector equally. As a private, foreign tourist,...

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Cala Barcas, natural jewel north of the starting point Portocolom. | Photo: Martin Muth

Most charter fleets on Mallorca are found near the airport in and around the tourist stronghold of Palma. But not all. In the east of Mallorca, the fishing village of Portocolom has dedicated itself to authenticity and bravely defends its originality. If you set sail from here, you end up in a sea full of fantastic bays on the east...

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Mallorca/Spain: Radio stations are under increased supervision

Spain is careful: Authorities should, SeaHelp was informed by various owners, control prescribed radio stations more. In the past, those kind of actions were quite rare. To avoid unnecessary administrative difficulties: it is needed for vessels under the German SRC (Short Range Certificate) flag, for internal UBI navigation.

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