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Einreise nach Kroatien nach Covid-19 Pandemie

Yacht owners can breathe a sigh of relief: As of May 31st, the quarantine obligation for Austrian citizens after returning from abroad ends. This is the intention of the "legal regulation for measures when entering Austria from neighbouring countries in the version of 15.5.2020 (Federal Law Gazette 195/2020). This means that anyone who wants to spend Pentecost on the Adriatic...

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Einreise nach Kroatien: Grenzübergang Macelj

According to politicians regarding the entry into Croatia, the first SeaHelp members took action and headed to their ships in Croatia. At the borders, some reported, still with a somewhat "queasy" feeling, because despite all the assurances of the official authorities, it was not quite clear whether and how it would be implemented by the border police. But to anticipate...

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Einreisebestimmungen Kroatien: Yachteigner und Bootsbesitzer können wieder zu Ihren Booten

Due to a SeaHelp inquiry at the Croatian consulate in Frankfurt because of not completely clarified entry requirements, the link to the publication of the CNTB (Croatian Tourism Office, editor's note) sent by the consulate now provides clarity. We have already translated the English text into German. According to the text, it looks like boat owners can enter the country...

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