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First skippers report from the entry to Croatia: No problems at the borders – for charter guests the crew list and charter contract are enough

Einreise nach Kroatien: Grenzübergang Macelj
Der Grenzübergang Macelj von der kroatischen Seite aus gesehen weist so gut wie keinen Betrieb auf.
According to politicians regarding the entry into Croatia, the first SeaHelp members took action and headed to their ships in Croatia. At the borders, some reported, still with a somewhat "queasy" feeling, because despite all the assurances of the official authorities, it was not quite clear whether and how it would be implemented by the border police. But to anticipate it: All entries and exits on the way from Austria to Croatia went surprisingly smoothly, even at the Croatian border it was enough to be told that you wanted to get to your ship to pass immediately after a short check. Papers were rarely asked for on entry, but never looked at more closely. As it has now become known, what has been valid for boat owners when entering Croatia will soon also apply to charter guests. Here then charter contract and crew list should be sufficient at least formally. This further relaxation of the entry requirements was decided in a telephone conference on Wednesday with representatives of the responsible ministries and the relevant associations; it is not yet available in writing.

Few controls on entry

SeaHelp members unanimously report a quite relaxed entry into Croatia, without any significant controls and spookily empty highways, on which hardly any cars, but all the more trucks were on the road.

A sailor who is well known in the Austrian scene (name of the editorial team known) experienced something similar on his trip to Split. “When entering Slovenia from Austria, Slovenian border officials asked me only where I wanted to go”. The answer seemed to satisfy the border guards: “To my boat to Split! Then he could continue his journey.

Entry Croatia without problems

He further reports on a control on entry into Croatia: “A very nice officer from the border police asked about the identity cards. She wanted to know where the journey was going, briefly checked the papers and then wished her a good journey. There was no leaflet, as it is written in the regulations for entering Croatia, or other instructions for conduct. Actually, everything was very pragmatic and uncomplicated, and that’s how it should stay,” says the skipper, who is happy to see his boat again soon.

Little traffic on highways

He also speaks otherwise of a carefree tour to Dalmatia: “Cloudy skies in places, a pleasant 23 degrees outside temperature and almost no traffic, apart from a few trucks”. He could even remember the nationalities of the cars on the road: “An Austrian, a Serb, several Germans and a Polish license plate – that was it.” Travelling in Corona times can be quite pleasant.

In Slovenia, it is reported that, just as in Croatia, not all but most of the petrol stations and rest stops were open, and even the purchase of the “Pickerl” for Slovenia did not present him with a particular challenge.

Corresponding information also from another skipper from his trip to Croatia. He was simply waved through when entering Slovenia and only had to hold up his passports when entering Croatia to cross the Croatian border. Also here: no traffic jams, no waiting times.

Also on the return journey to Austria few controls

In the meantime, some members also report on their return to Austria. No trace of the pompously announced border controls with the obligation to immediately quarantine themselves in Austria because of COVID-19. There was also no trace of the signed form, which should actually be obligatory for crossing the border on entry. The people declared that they had simply driven through without even being stopped.

Similar things are heard again and again from the border to Germany. Please note: This is only a snapshot. SeaHelp expressly points out that it will only pass on descriptions of people who set off for Croatia shortly after the border was opened. Whether the situation as described by the two members will continue as it is, we too cannot say with certainty. However, as many of them want to set off for Croatia already at the weekend, we believe that these descriptions of people entering Croatia or leaving again for Austria can be very helpful.

Croatian Marinas are working again

And in this context: Most marinas report that pleasure boats also enter and leave without restrictions.

Current pictures of the entry Croatia from Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Entry into Croatia: Useful links about the situation at the borders:

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