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Grenzchaos Slowenien

Slovenia is considered a good example of how it is better not to implement loosening of entry requirements. First, the young EU member declared the pandemic emergency caused by COVID-19 to be virtually over by decree, allowing unrestricted entry and transit. However, after no agreement was apparently reached at EU level, the borders were closed again for EU citizens, with...

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Covid-19: Kroatien öffnet Grenzen unter Auflagen

At the Sunday press conference of the national civil protection authority, the Croatian border opening in the light version was once again confirmed. In order to limit it to the facts relevant for foreign visitors according to the current status: As already reported, business travellers for business purposes and for a reason that cannot be postponed, as well as foreign...

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COVID-19 Pandemie: Kroatien plant Grenzöffnung

After the COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2: The borders with Croatia are opening, slowly but surely, as Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović announced at the press conference on Saturday at the regular press conference of the national civil protection. Croats are allowed to travel abroad again, if possible, and to enter without restrictions. Foreign citizens may enter for urgent...

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Croatia plans to open borders after Coronavirus Lockdown already on May 11th - also yacht owners can then go to their yachts

In a speech today, the Croatian Prime Minister presented Plenković in a detailed three-phase plan how he envisages the opening of his country after the lockdown due to the coronavirus SARS-COVID 19. According to initial information, this multi-stage plan envisages that tourist facilities, which apparently also means marinas, will reopen by 11 May at the latest, provided the corona situation...

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Yachts, in the ACI Marina Pula, should always maintain the minimum distance prescribed in coronavirus periods

The real question is, "When can I go back to Croatia?" The SeaHelp editorial team evaluates the news situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus in Croatia on a daily basis and provides information from resilient, reliable sources about the current state of affairs. The numerous SeaHelp members whose ships are based in Croatia naturally have a legitimate interest in...

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Possible opening of the border to Croatia, less coronavirus infections

When will the borders and marinas reopen after the Corona pandemic? This question probably occupies most boat owners whose yachts are moored in the many marinas along the Croatian Adriatic coast. SeaHelp's editorial team is trying to summarize the extensive news, both from official sources, the media and local impressions, to communicate "water level reports" from time to time. And...

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