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SeaHelp Croatia 2021: Maintenance work completed, response boats fit for 2021 water sports season

When the SeaHelp operations center in Punat announces that the overhaul of the first SeaHelp rescue boats for the coming season has been completed, it is virtually an unmistakable wake-up call for the coming water sports season in Croatia. Already in mid-February, Punat reported "completion": the Bolero, stationed in Tribunj, had to undergo extensive maintenance measures in the shipyard so...

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SeaHelp fire fighting operation

There are days when SeaHelp is particularly challenged: First, the Yellow Angels of the Adriatic were called to the region off Rab, where supposedly a motorboat should burn. However, the alleged major fire turned out to be a small smoldering fire in the engine compartment, which the skippers had already cleared with on-board resources. During the inspection of the damage,...

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