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SeaHelp test: Anchor buoy Grippy-Heavy

The Italian company PME Mare, specialised in mooring technologies since two decades now, has made quite a name for itself in this area. The latest products of the creative minds at PME for leisure skippers: Anchor buoy Grippy Heavy and mooring buoy Clik Easy for anchorage. But which benefits do they really provide? Is their purchase really worth while? Which...

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Drone Gladius Mini

Drone flights offer the possibility to preserve holiday memories of the unique Croatian landscape and, of course, of other holiday destinations, for the long term. But the airspace is no longer enough…! The latest must-have: Underwater drones. They are able to dive up to 100 metres deep, supply breath-taking shots of remarkable quality of the seabed and are relatively easy...

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Drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Hasselblad optics

Very confusing! Much the same or similar will be the best description of publications on the internet and in relevant professional journals when it comes to the subject of drones. Sometimes it is hard to avoid the impression that it is more scaring than motivating for beginners when it comes to drones. SeaHelp has been employing the flying helpers for...

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