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Varaneo Dinky S: E-bike testing in the SeaHelp Punat operational center

E-Bike: Varaneo Dinky S
Varaneo Dinky S
Interested in e-bikes? Do you need them profesionally or as a hobby, and you’ve been through many technical terms which developed around the complex e-bike topic? Most of people want just one thing: to comfortably travel from point A to point B, without the need to enter a car. That’s why SeaHelp already made a preselection with which bike to do it best.

However, since the personal impressions still outstrip any view, SeaHelp offers its members a chance to try Varaneo Dinky S – in our SeaHelp Punat base. All we ask is a forehand announcement via email or telephone, so that the battery can charge and the e-bike is ready for a test drive.

Why do we think that the Dinky S is especially suitable for skippers? Briefly: it can imbed and be transported in the car trunk or loading space or vessel without a problem. Since it is still quite big, even when it’s bent, trying it on your own, before considering buying it, is recommended.

Regarding driving, Dinky S is perfect for occasional bikers. After you get used to the remarkable speed of the 250 W engine, nothing stands in your way for longer routes.

Wide tires don’t only allow a relaxed, comfortable ride, but also offer protection of discs with an optimal comfortable seating. Except for that, the remarkable Dinky S look will secure you an abundance of conversations in caffe bars and restaurant terraces.

Not only on the road, but also on the field, wide, rough tires show their superiority. On sand, leafage or slippery terrain, rought tires are much better then conventional tires. But the most important thigs is: thanks to the electrical support, wide tires don’t demand more effort.

The test drive in Punat has more background: SeaHelp wants to know how Varaneo Dinky S handles corrosion surrounded with sea air loaded with salt. If abnormalities occure, the manufacturer will, with appropriate requirements, consider the, so-called, „Skipper edition“ to join the market, in which every part would be treated according to the results.

In the meantime, until the time occurs, we ask all the test drivers of SeaHelp to send us a short personal impression on the day of the test in writing, which we will, of course, with their conset, happily publish. Here are the contact informations for scheduling a test: 00385 51 855 404 or Mail.

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