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Last help, if nothing works: BRS protects the boat from sinking

BRS - Boat Rescue System deployment
BRS - Boat Rescue System deployment
Every boat owner rejects the fact that despite the excellent nautical skills, there is always a small change of the vessel sinking.

Slovenian company „BRS boat“ developed a simple, yet effective system for saving vessels for boat owners – buyoancy bags with a capacity of 850 L can inflate quickly with a C02 fire extinguisher and keep the vessel afloat even in cases of sea breach. SeaHelp members will get 10% discount when buying this product if they present the SeaHelp membership number.
Regarding the new cooperation, who orders the set until July 1st on the manufacturer website, will get a special discount from the manufacturer in the height of the membership fee, in other words, a free SeaHelp membership.

Fast inflation of the bags is possible thanks to a special adapter which can be connected to any standard C02 fire extinguisher. Like a turbocharger and thanks to a multiple conduction of the air and C02 mixture, the bags are filled in a record time which creates enough buoyancy and saves the vessel from sinking.

SeaHelp had a chance of introducing this patent live in the Punat base where a demonstration had been held. Unanimously, the conclusion is that the Boat Rescue System (BRS) performs its function. Thanks to easy handling, the 13 kg set can be loaded even in stressful situations. Representatives of SeaHelp quickly agreed, after the presentation, that the BRS system, if configured correctly, can reliably save a vessel from sinking.

Although, in average situations, there is a 20-30 min gap between a breakdown and sinkage, which is enough time for the bags to be filled with air – it is recommended to get to know the equipment before using it, says SeaHelp director Wolfgang Dauser.

For owners, this system is easy to use and effective, with the following benefits: when an unwanted situation occurs, the vessel is transformed into a rescue raft, leaving enough space for waiting for help on the deck.

The rescuers will much easier spot a large object in the sea, then only people with life jackets. High costs of lifting a vessel from the sea bottom, with the timely BRS integration, become sufficient.

For SeaHelp, one thing is for sure – BRS should be on every SeaHelp intervention vessel as an additional tool, for saving vessels with a sea breach. A BRS set of 6 flotation bags (850 L each) are enough to hold a 12 meter vessel up on the surface. The system fills in a maximum of five minutes, and a 2 KG C02 fire extinguisher is enough.

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