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E-Boot mit eD-QDrive 1 von eD-TEC Germany and der Ladesäule

eD-TEC (Electric Driven Technology) is the name of a young startup from Munich that develops electric drives for motorboats. In May, the company tested the first boat equipped with a corresponding system. SeaHelp secured the test runs in Croatia on the island of Krk off the Punat marina. The future on the water is electric - of this Michael Jost...

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MAN Smart HYBRID Experience with V12

A future-oriented drive solution for yachts was recently presented by engine manufacturer MAN: The so-called Smart Hybrid Experience is intended to offer the advantages of a conventional drive and expand them with the modern possibilities of electric motors and batteries. In addition to increasing efficiency and range, noise emissions should thus be reduced to zero; moreover, the battery-electric operation of...

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VHF radio (marine radio) on yacht & boat - VHF radio on board

VHF radio (marine radio) has been one of the most important means of communication on yachts for many years and will not be replaced by cell phones in the foreseeable future. Especially in maritime emergencies or when registering in marinas, the radio is clearly superior because automatically all ships in the vicinity can listen in and possibly give quick assistance....

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Catamaran vs. monohull yacht

When choosing the right yacht for your vacation, you need to consider many things. How big should the ship be, how many berths should be available? Does the crew want to sail actively, or rather relax in the sun? Do the sailors want to sail to a harbor for the night, or would they rather stay in a romantic anchorage?...

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Volvo Penta IPS System:

Whoever wants to buy a motor yacht is often faced with the choice of the right drive. In addition to the size of the yacht, the type of use and performance, the buyer should also consider the various types of drive available on the market before making the purchase in order to avoid disappointment later on. What are the advantages...

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AIS - maximum safety at sea

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a transponder system as it has been known from aviation for a long time. Since December 2000, it has been chosen by the IMO as a mandatory standard and provides accurate data on the status of an AIS-equipped vessel to all other vessels in the vicinity. AIS equipment In principle, AIS equipment can be distinguished...

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