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Kornati National Park up to date: Prices and latest regulations for 2019

National Park Kornati
Finally, prices for anchoring in the Croatian national parks for 2019 are available. Skippers’ special interest, though, will probably be directed to the pleasantly moderate modified price list for the Kornati National Park as, apart from partly significant reductions of accomodation prices in the Kornati National Park for larger ships, most konobas are offering their jetties at quite a favourable price starting the month of June 2019.

This was made possible by the recently founded Association of Konobas in the Kornati National Park in May 2019, with about 13 associated restaurants up to now, all of which are in a position to sell tickets at bargain prices for an overnight stop (12 hours). Right now, we are talking about 180 Croatian kuna. Nevertheless, the Kornati ticket will not be valid for the Telašcica wildlife park.

The following konobas are members of the abovementioned Association: Konoba Quattro, Konoba Jadra, Konoba Žakan, Konoba Levrnaka, Lounge bar Core, Konoba Opat, Konoba Piccolo, Konoba Beban, Konoba Smokvica, Konoba Ante, Izletište Statival, Konoba Šoleta and Konoba Suha punta.

As Šime Ježina, director of the Nationalparks Kornati, explains: Only those restaurants being Association members were allowed to obtain a certain number of tickets from the Kornati National Park administration to be sold at bargain prices to their customers. These tickets are meant for guests using the moorings (on the waterfront) and pontoons of the respective Konobas. In any case, for these guests, the same rules will be applicable as for the guests of the ACI Marina Piškera. Should a skipper anchor before reaching any of the associated Konobas‘ premises and does not dispose of a ticket, then the ticket inspectors will charge him the same price as for a ticket bought inside the park.

Kornati National Park map

Obviously, these measures are supposed to contribute to the National Park working on a cost-effective basis for the long term, as in years past the ruling used to be applied that whoever moored at the Konobas‘ jetties and buoys and consumed something, did not pay anything extra for the overnight stay in the National Park. So, many skippers ”fought‟ their way from one Konoba to the other without paying any fees. Nevertheless, Šime Ježina points out that this solution will only be a provisional one: ”It is our aim that all visitors have to buy a guest ticket prior to entering the park. Our 2019 prices have nearly remained the same as in 2018. Still, the most economic ticket is the one bought outside the park’s limits via the official selling points as the guests will be able to enjoy this unique piece of undisturbed nature which we feel we are obliged to preseve for coming generations.‟

For this reason, the ticket purchased at the Konobas should be rather a solution for casual visitors as people who will buy a ticket at midnight would have to get already another ticket the next day at noon (after 12 hours) when mooring in the Kornati National Park. The ”Konoba ticket‟ will only be valid for twelve hours, so we learnt.

Should you be determined to avoid the purchase of a ticket at all costs, there is still the possibility to book a berth at the ACI Marina Piškera. As Šime Ježina continues: ”If a guest settles for staying at the marina, he immediately has to proceed to the ACI Piškera to purchase the ticket after entereing the park. As mentioned before, does this ruling only hold for marina guests. Should the guest anchor prior to entering the marina and is not in the possession of a ticket, then the park rangers will charge a considerably higher price, i.e., as if the ticket was bought inside the park. ‟

No ticket is required to pass the national park, but it must not be stopped.

Those wanting to make sure to get a keen ticket before entering the national park, can do so via the selling points outside the park (approx. one day in advance to the first anchoring):

  • Sales on commission (agencies, marinas, charter): Link
  • Webshop portal ”Parks of Croatia‟: Link

Find here the price list for the Kornati National Park for 2019:

 National Park Kornati ticket prices

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