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Wind (Bora, Jugo, Bura, Nevera / Neverin, Maestral), weather in the Adriatic Sea and Croatian Islands. A thunderstorm is moving over a marina.

The subject of wind, or the Latin term "Ventus", exerts a not inconsiderable influence on seafaring in the areas of Croatia, Slovenia and northern Italy, depending on the strength measured in Beaufort. For this reason, skippers should familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of the particular area in which they are sailing, because anyone who is not familiar with the harbingers...

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Adriatic: Gas platform Ivana D disappeared

Update 15.12.2020, 23.00 h The missing gas platform Ivana D has been found, the platform sank off the Croatian coast near Pula. Read more. That certain things such as the famous socks in the washing machine or the car keys simply disappear, that is something we have long since come to terms with. But the Croatian petroleum company INA currently...

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Rip-off at cash machines: Pay attention to the exchange rate when withdrawing money on vacation in Croatia.

When it comes to withdrawals at ATMs abroad, especially in countries like Croatia that have not yet introduced the euro, many users still fall into the cost trap. The perfide to it: Usually one notices only after the return from the vacation that the costs of the use of an ATM in Croatia are excessively high. Even if one is...

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