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Croatia: Forced deregistration of boats & yachts if permit fee not paid

Croatia has removed the handsome number of 6,363 boats and yachts whose owners have not paid the Permit Fees for the Safety of Navigation and Protection of the Seas for the years 2020 and 2021 from the Croatian Boat Register through forced deregistration. The decision, implemented as of December 18, 2021, is based on Article 192, paragraph 3 of the...

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SeaHelp warns: Delaware yacht registration is invalid in the EU

SeaHelp warns: the Delaware yacht registration does not apply to the EU. The breakdown service at sea recommends: who wants to register his yacht effectively, can do this inexpensively, quickly and reliably through the SeaHelp partner Yacht Registration Holland. Delaware Yacht Registration is advertised as having a yacht registration available in three days for all nationalities at a price of...

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ACI marina association plans seaplane route to marinas

ACI (Adriatic Croatia International Club), as reported by the Internet portal aeroTelegraf, citing ACI sources, is planning to set up its own seaplane airline that will operate between ACI marinas and offshore Croatian islands. Five Cessna Grand Caravan seaplanes will be used, according to the reports, with one to be acquired as early as this year. The planning states that...

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