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VALFRESCO – delicious dishes delivered directly to the boat.

During your sailing holidays on the beautiful sea of the Nothern Adriatic, don’t worry about when and where to buy all the groceries you need. Order online from Valfresco Direkt and have your groceries delivered directly to your boat. Find everything you need for your boat meals, from drinks, snacks, condiments, spices, and kitchen supplies to ready and semi-ready delicious homemade dishes which you can serve in just a few minutes!

Valfresco Direkt is an online web store which delivers top quality, freshly prepared ready and semi-ready dishes, made with mostly locally produced ingredients and according to recipes created by Valfresco’s expert chefs and traditional Istrian recipes. At Valfresco Direkt you can choose from a wide selection of Croatian delicacies, from Istrian olive oil of exceptional quality, truffles, olives and capers, homemade juices, vinegar, honey, teas and spices, to a great selection of locally sourced meat, cured meat and an even better selection of top-quality Croatian wines and locally produced craft beers. Moreover, there is a wide range of household essentials, toiletries, and body care products.


Valfresco’s ready and semi-ready meals are a perfect choice to have on boat – the preparation is simple, with only the minimum of cooking equipment needed and there is something for everyone’s taste – whether they are vegetarian or not. Enjoy in delicious salads with fresh, locally sourced ingredients such as Potato Salad with Bacon and Sour Cream or Baby Spinach and Quinoa salad which also comes with vinaigrette salad dressing, or order simple lettuce salads which are washed and ready to eat.



From main course selection, choose traditional Croatian meals such as ‘Sataraš’, Stuffed Bell Peppers, or Beans with sausage or enjoy a rich selection of tasty burritos!


If you crave for a delicious plate of pasta, you can order pre-cooked gnocchi, traditional Istrian pasta ‘Pljukanci”, or dry pastawhich is completely made at Valfresco premises from top quality Italian durum wheat semolina. A perfect choice with pasta are Valfresco ready-made sauces, such as Istrian sauce with prosciutto, pancetta and mushrooms, traditional Chicken or Ox Stew or Bolognese sauce and delicious Frutti di mare sauce. To make your meal preparation even easier, you can order veggies which are already washed, chopped, boiled and ready for a stir-fry or roast.

Last but not least, at Valfresco Direkt you can order delicious desserts perfect for any occasion which are all prepared with top-quality ingredients. In Valfresco dessert production there are no additives, artificial colours, or instant mixtures. All desserts are freshly prepared according to traditional recipes, but you can also find vegan and vegetarian options.


Valfresco Direkt ensures the highest hygiene, safety, and quality standards. All Valfresco suppliers deliver their products produced, processed, stored, and transported with the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

To order, go to Valfresco Direkt web store page, choose Home or Office or Other Accommodation and enter the location where you want your order to be delivered (postal code or name of the city where your harbour is). At the checkout process in the note section, you can enter more details (berth number, boat name). Valfresco deliverers will surely contact you before the delivery. Next day delivery is possible for all orders made by 1 pm, and orders made after 1 pm can be delivered the day after tomorrow, the earliest. Delivery is free for all orders over 300,00 kn.

Have a carefree sailing holiday with Valfresco Direkt!


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