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Patience required: Currently long traffic jams on the freeways and trunk roads

Aktuell lange Staus auf den Autobahnen und Fernstraßen
Lange Staus auf den Autobahnen – Wartezeiten an den Grenzübergängen! Bei den Urlaubern ist derzeit Geduld gefragt.

A lot of patience will have to motorists this weekend, July 24, 2021 southbound and also northbound on the highways and trunk roads, because they are waiting for several kilometers of traffic jams and long waits at border crossings, especially at the Slovenian-Croatian border, the Slovenian-Austrian border and the Austrian-German border at the Walserberg.

Congestion from 03.00 h at night

According to statements the ÖAMTC there were already from 3.00 h at night longer queues before the Karawankentunnel and on the Tauernautobahn A 10. Block clearance at the toll station St. Michael, at the Katschbergtunnel and at the Tauerntunnel led to further waiting times of holidaymakers on the way to the north and south.

Tauern Motorway A 10 dense

Short interim balance from July 24, 2021: 10 kilometers of traffic jam at Walserberg entering Germany, 35 kilometers of slow-moving traffic from Walserberg further south. The secondary routes are now also hopelessly congested.

Entry Croatia at least 2 hours waiting time

Likewise, holidaymakers entering Croatia as well as leaving the country at the border crossings predominantly used by holidaymakers must expect long traffic jams and sometimes over two-hour waiting times.

It can get even worse

Yet this should only be the prelude: State vacations begin in Italy at the start of August, and the beginning of the vacations in Bavaria is also likely to cause additional traffic on the popular routes south to the Adriatic.

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